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Fine Jewelry Made in New York, NY

with the world's most beautiful materials 

© 2016 by Original Eve


Why Custom Jewelry?

Are you thinking about getting engaged? Do you have a big event or birthday coming up? Do you want to remake something that doesn't quite fit your aesthetic? Let's create something special and unique that you are proud to wear.


You should have exactly what you want without compromising on quality or paying outrageous retail markups. Unlike like traditional retailers, operating with high overhead, working with me means your money is going into your finished product, resulting in higher quality materials and craftsmanship for your dollar. 


I will work with you to transform your ideas into reality, providing transparency into the entire design process. 

In the end, you will find yourself with a new piece that is as beautiful and unique as you. Let's get started...

Design Process


Step One: Consultation

Starting with a complimentary consultation online, on the phone, or in person, we will discuss where you are in the process of creating your unique piece and discover your hopes and wants in order to make them a reality.

Elements of every unique relationship can be expressed through custom design. I will ask questions about you, the recipient, your lifestyle and relationship in order to discover elements to incorporate into our final design. The resulting design will be as unique as you.


As a certified gemologist with years of experience teaching about jewelry, I can answer any questions you may have about the  jewelry industry or creation process. Don't be afraid to ask (and don't be afraid to cut me off when I get excited and [gem] geek out!). 

*Please Note: Custom Orders start at $1,200

Step TWO: Sourcing

If your custom design includes Gemstones, we need the right stones. As a Gemologist located in New York City, the heart of the jewelry industry, I will find the perfect gems for you!


Diamonds: Old Cuts? Fancy Cuts? Fancy Colors? Diamonds come in a variety of colors, cuts, and silhouettes, making your diamond uniquely yours.

While others might try to sell you on the grade of the stone and how its 4Cs stack up against another diamond, I know that no two diamonds are the same and a diamond certificate does not take into account the beauty or durability of the stone.


I buy diamonds looking at the pattern, reflection and refraction of light. With years of experience, I only source mesmerizing, beautiful diamonds!

Gemstones: Colored gemstones possess incredible beauty and serve as unique expressions of your aesthetic. They can stand on their own effortlessly, or serve as a fantastic diamond alternative or accent.


I work with leading gemstone dealers in the industry to find you top-quality gemstones that speak to your colorful individuality and expectations for quality.

Step Three: Design

Computer-Aided Design allows the imagination to be the only limitation in creating your perfect item. As a CAD expert and artist, I use this technology to bring you beautiful, unique designs, customized to your gemstones and personal aesthetic. 

After speaking extensively about your likes and dislikes, I marry the many factors to create a balanced, beautiful piece that I will share with you in digital imagery before starting production, giving you an opportunity to provide further feedback and help hone the design to your specific tastes. 

Step Four: Create

After studying jewelry history and design for years and earning a Master's in Fine Art in Jewelry, I know the tips and tricks required to realize your unique design. Whether the piece requires molds, the assembly of multiple parts, a unique textured finish, etc., I have the knowledge to make the piece a reality and work with only the finest craftsmen in New York to get the job done.

I oversee ever step of realizing the piece, working closely with 3D printing bureaus, casters, jewelers and stone setters with decades of experience. I only accept the highest quality of craftsmanship from New York's finest artisans, which means you receive only the best.

Custom Gallery



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