Unique Custom Jewelry Design by Original Eve

A custom piece of jewelry is an excellent way to commemorate an important event or milestone. When creating something for a specific person, symbols of the relationship and milestone can be incorporated into the design resulting in jewelry unique to you and your story.

Custom Jewelry


Aroop M.

"For my wedding ring, I wanted something unique. Eve has an exceptional artistic eye and I loved what she had been producing for others.

Beautiful craft. Thorough and thoughtful process. Pleasing efficiency."




Chris W.

“Eve took the time to understand the special story between my partner and me. She created a unique croissant charm as an engagement piece.


Becca J.

“We were connected with Eve through a friend and we’re told she was just the person we needed to create our custom engagement rings.


Eve listened to every little thing we said and nothing was impossible. She's the best!”

Fine Jewelry Made in New York, NY

with the world's most beautiful materials 

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