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A Sunflower Memorial

* Made In Loving Memory of Patricia Ann Price *

Her friends and family remember her with the words:








She is remembered for her warm spirit and spontaneous singing; her free spirit and her ability to offer friendship. She is someone who always knew how to have fun and teach others to embrace the fun. She was also notorious at family bachelorette parties!

She made everyone around her comfortable. She taught those who encountered her to look for the best in people. Without any question, Patricia Ann Price will be missed and, most importantly, she will be remembered with smiles.


Patricia's daughter, Kelly, and I have worked together in the past, always with clear visions, deep meaning, and layers of personal symbolism that lead to the creation of beautiful pieces that seem to reverberate with powerful energy. This pendant commemorating her mother is no exception. It was created with Patricia's energy, love, creativity, and cheerful spirit in mind.

In this pendant, we used Patricia's favorite color, yellow, and favorite flower, sunflower, to capture her memory. The gemstone we used is a 3.93-carat cushion cut yellow Mali Garnet that serves as the focal point of this pendant. The garnet shines in a basket made up of individually crafted petals that fold over the top of the stone to secure it in place. Each petal is nuanced in length, width, and form to give the sunflower a wild, organic spirit. Some petals touch each other, others flow organically alone, but all together they support the beautiful yellow garnet that seems to glow from within.

The culet of the garnet emerges slightly from the back of the pendant, allowing the energy of the gem to touch the wearer. With a hidden bail that takes on the form of a petal, the sunflower will be suspended from a chain without interruption in the visual nuance of the sunflower.


Dear Kelly:

It has been an incredible joy getting to know your mother through the words of her closest friends and family members. I spent quite a bit of time reading the notes you lent me in her memorial binder and getting to know your mother's character and spirit through their memories. Thank you so much for sharing them with me.

I was struck by something you told me over coffee, while we were discussing the memorial pendant and the fold of its petals. You said: “The hardest times in life birth the most beautiful things".

The passing of you mother has been very hard, but from it we have created this beautiful memorial that blooms with life, love, and the cheerful spirit of your mother. I hope you love the sunflower and continue to remember your mother with a smile.

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