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Award: Womens Jewelry Association

I am very excited to announce that I was selected to be the recipient of the Shining Star Award by the Women's Jewelry Association's Metro New York Chapter for 2017!

The Shining Star awards are given to a volunteer in each chapter who is nominated and selected by peers for being passionate, engaged volunteers who contribute to their local chapters.

WJA has been an incredible community for me over the past few years. When I started attending WJA events, I was incredibly intimidated--Everyone who walked into the event knew everyone else. Hugs were flying left and right and I stood in the middle of the party feeling completely out of my element. I didn't know a soul.

So I got a drink and promised myself that if I spoke to three people, I could leave. With my new mission, I had really nice, casual conversations with three people, and left. When the next month's Mix and Mingle came up, I decided to try again with the goal of talking to three new people.

As soon as I walked in, the three people from the last month hugged me. I spoke to three new people and the next month I got six hugs.

People say that the jewelry industry is a family business and I feel incredibly fortunate to have found a family in my WJA chapter.

I am very excited to be flying to Los Angeles next month to accept the Shining Star Award and attend the annual Presidents' Conference as the 2017 Shining Star and Metro New York's President Elect!

Shining Star of the WJA Yellow Roses

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