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Jumping In!

"To not dare is to have already lost. We should seek out ambitious, even unrealistic projects... Because things only happen when we dream." -Andree Putman

Several months ago, a good friend gave me a bottle of champagne. Since then, there have been numerous opportunities to celebrate: A birthday, a new job, a successful tomato harvest after months of blossom rot… Despite all of the good, something prevented me from opening the bottle until three weeks ago.

The bottle was opened as a declaration that now is the time to start working for me! I left my full time job with the plan to launch into the unknown and pursue what I have always wanted to pursue: A life dedicated to making.

As a maker, I have been asked my whole life for an “Original Eve”. That is what I plan to make from here on out: Pieces that are original to me, that couldn’t be made by anyone else, that are Original Eve. With a new domain (, an instagram account (IG: originalevedesigns), an incredible influx of excitement and inspiration, I am ready!

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