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Westport | 0.82ct Heirloom Emerald Ring

Westport | 0.82ct Heirloom Emerald Ring

SKU: C21007

A beveled bezel detailed with minute beads of millegrain add points of reflection to the gold that holds the luscious 0.82-carats of Emerald. Emeralds are prized for the garden of inclusions that bloom within the gemstone. In this ring, the blooms within the emerald are matched and amplified by the exploding brilliance of the diamonds that trail the band.


About the Westport Style:


Westport is a place and a style that sparkles. A barrier island with white sands and blue skies that stretch forever over the ocean, Westport is bright and beautiful even with gray skies and dark storms approaching.

The Westport style captures the way light reflects in a million directions off of the water with a unique arrangement of diamonds on the band: two small diamonds stack vertically between beads of gold for every larger stone. The effect of additional facets and such small diamonds is a splintering of mesmerizing light that causes the rings to shine even in the dimmest light.



About the Emerald:


This 0.82-carat Recycled emerald — also known as reclaimed or estate — was previously set in jewelry. Recycled gemstones are eco-friendly gemstones and are the most environmentally-friendly and socially conscious choice. Because they’re repurposed instead of newly mined and very little energy is used to bring them to market, there is very low impact on the environment.




  • 18k yellow gold

  • 1.25mm wide band

  • Satin Finish

  • One-of-a-kind
  • Additional Information

    • Crafted in New York City
    • Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery

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