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Custom Opal Engagement Ring with Diamond Halo and Baguette Diamond Tail feathers in Platinum; Heirloom Opal Redesign


Using Alana's grandmother's opal from a vintage ring, we modernized the design to create her perfect engagement ring.


The ring we created is platinum with 12 round brilliant diamonds in the outer halo that are 1.7mm, 16 round brilliant diamonds in the inner halo that are 1mm wide, one round brilliant diamond at the tip of the opal that is 1.9mm and three tapered baguette "tail feathers" at the base.


The platform of the opal is raised so Alana’s wedding band will nest flush next to the engagement ring. A "European Shank" with a squared bottom counter-balances the top motif, keeping the ring from rolling on her finger.


Little did we know when creating the ring that the opal had been kept in a Safety Deposit box for many years.


Warning: Never store your opals in a safety deposit box! Opals are composed of 3-7% water. If they are left in a dry environment, they will dehydrate and crack, which we call "crazing".


After only a few weeks of wear, this opal crazed badly, necessitating a new opal, which you see here. Though it is not the original opal from her grandmother, with proper care it will last for generations. And, we were able to uses pieces of the original opal in a gift for her fiancé:  Read about Anthony here.


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