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5 Items Every Jewelry Box Needs

I have lived in small New York apartments for most of my adult life and with limited storage, one must always think strategically about what is most needed, wanted, or desired. This is true when it comes to jewelry too.

I am a minimalist jewelry wearer: I wear the same simple necklace and bracelet every day paired with a rotating array of statement earrings.⁠

This got me thinking about the items every woman needs as staples in her jewelry wardrobe: The jewelry items that are perfect and versatile for dress up, dress down, run to the market or have an impromptu date night.

The 5 Items Every Jewelry Box Needs:

1) Stacking Ring

A versatile stacking ring in 18k yellow gold never goes out of style. Wear it on different fingers, with other rings in your jewelry collection, mix and match! A solid gold band ring with a bit of texture is always a must.

I love the Tapered Band Ring because

the thin portion of the ring feels so comfortable in the crook of my finger when worn on its own. It has a sleek, asymmetrical look when worn on its side and the ridged texture adds fun interest in the way light plays off of its surface.

Stack it with wedding bands, wear it on various fingers, create a stack of multiples: the fun of a stacking ring is that they can be worn in so many ways, allowing you to express your style and mood.

2) Everyday Gold Necklace

A gold necklace that never comes off and always looks great? Check! Yes, please!

I wear my Wave Necklace every day and it has gotten even more beautiful with the patina of time. Its sculptural form and flowing lines are modern and clean. The curved surfaces catch light and attention without being too big or showy.

Every jewelry box needs a subtle necklace that is ideal for layering and easy to live in.

3) Go-To Studs

A stud earring is an absolute jewelry box necessity. No matter the occasion or your fashion style, studs are comfortable and effortless to wear. Mix them with other earrings or wear them alone, your earlobes will thank you for a solid gold stud.

Hot off the bench, the Azores Studs are the perfect remedy for go-to stud earrings that are a more fun than your basic ball.

With their unique organic form and matte finish, they are subtle, yet stylish. Perfect for multiple pierces or wearing on their own, they are a jewelry item that every girl needs.

4) Gemstone Ring

Make your jewelry statement where you can appreciate it most--On the hands that you get to watch and use all day!

A bold gemstone ring will not only turn heads, but it is the best place to make a statement with your jewelry style because you, as the wearer, can admire your own hands all day!

With a fun, brightly colored gemstone ring, like the Ethiopian Opal Ring to the left, you can admire your style with every keystroke or emphatic wave.

5) Feel Good Dangle Earrings

A dangling earring is flattering for every face and provides an easy to wear style that will help you spruce up your look, day or night.

Whether you want an earring that creates a pleasant twinkling sound like the Azores Drape Earrings or a bold blast of color that is still lightweight and versatile like many of our unique gemstone earrings, such as the Aqua Chalcedony Earrings or a hand-carved charming drop like the Amethyst Berry Earrings (below), an heirloom quality dangle earring is an absolute jewelry box and wardrobe staple.


With these five jewelry items, your jewelry box will gain much needed versatility and style. These pieces not only provide the perfect foundation for expanding your luxe look, they also are made with sustainability and responsible making in mind. All of our pieces at Original Eve are made locally using recycled gold.

Revamp your look and refresh your jewelry box with these must have collection items!


Have suggestions for other jewelry box staples? We'd love to hear from you! Shoot Eve an email at and let's talk about what items are a must in your jewelry wardrobe!

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