Montana Sapphire Engagement Ring with Baguettes

A Place Called Home

Throughout the Pandemic, I was confined to the place that I call HomeAs an artist who creates jewelry with inspiration and forms based on going places, I became stuck on the question:

What makes a place a home?


My answer: A home is Family, Memories, & Love.

Curiously enough, the same list applies to the promise of an engagement ring.

This capsule commitment ring collection includes five styles, each named after places I have called "Home". (Read more HERE)


Each ring is handcrafted and features unique, responsibly sourced gemstones in 18k recycled yellow gold. The solitaire rings are One-of-A-Kind. All band rings are made to order.


I look forward to these rings transforming in meaning and importance as they find their homes with you. As always, thank you for using my creations to mark your milestones and allowing them to become a part of your story.


~ Eve

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