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A Place Called Home

Engagement & Wedding Rings

Diamond Sparkly Eternity Band in white gold

Responsibly sourced gemstones come to life in handcrafted 18k Recycled Gold rings that feature unique designs and an abundance of detail. 

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Montana Sapphire and Diamond Ring
Providence Diamond Band Ring in 18kyg

Montana Sapphires

Montana, known as the Treasure State, is rich in many mineral and gemstone sources, including sapphires that come in a wide variety of colors. For this collection, I have selected Montana Sapphires in the colors of the sea.


Montana Sapphires are guaranteed to be sourced under safe working conditions using environmentally responsible principles.

Pear Shaped Montana Sapphire in 18kyg and diamond band

Recycled 18k Gold

This collection is composed in 18k Recycled Yellow Gold, which is a rich, buttery hue. The gold features a satin finished that creates a glowing luster--a perfect material for an object that symbolizes love.

Ring Names

The names of the rings in this collection are places I have lived. Each style takes elements of these places and transform them into a wearable, beautiful representation of the things I loved about each "Home".

Conflict-Free Diamonds

All diamonds in the collection are guaranteed to have been supplied by legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict.

All diamonds over 0.20-carats are Recycled diamonds — also known as reclaimed or estate diamonds. Recycled Diamonds are eco-friendly diamonds and are the most socially conscious choice. Because they’re repurposed instead of newly mined and very little energy is used to bring them to market, there is very low impact on the environment.

Starburst Cut Montana Sapphire Ring in 18k yellow gold

John Dyer Cuts

John Dyer has cut the sapphires in the collection that are over 0.20-carats. Dyer is a master gem cutter who is renowned for his artistry. He is the recipient of over 50 elite gem-cutting awards, including a multi-time winner of the AGTA Spectrum Awards.


Every Dyer gemstone is a unique work of art. Dyer studies each gem to determine the best way to maximize the its beauty, color, and brilliance. He releases the hidden allure of each stone through innovative, proprietary cutting styles.

Berkshire Diamond Eternity Band in 18k Yellow Gold
Starburst Cut Montana Sapphire Ring in 18kyg with diamonds

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