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A Place Called "Home": Commitment Ring Collection

Like you, I was confined to the place that I call Home.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I left New York City for the beachside town in Massachusetts where I spent summers throughout my childhood. It is a place that has remained "Home" into my adult life. No matter where I have gone or what I have done, when I say "Home" there is only one place that I mean. So when the world shut down and everything was scary, I packed a bag and moved home.

As an artist who creates jewelry with inspiration and forms based on going to places, I was stuck at home and became stuck on the question:

What makes a place a home?

After ruminating on this question for weeks during my walks on the beach, I distilled my answer to a short list:

A home is: Family. Memories. Love.

Curiously enough, the same list applies to more than one thing! The things that make a "Home" are the same things that are captured in the promise of an engagement ring.

They say "Home is where the heart is" and throughout this past year of being home, I have tapped into that heart to create a capsule collection of commitment rings that I could not be happier to share with you now.

Design Inspiration

The collection includes five styles, each named after and borrowing motifs from five of the places I have lived and called "Home". The styles include: Providence, West Side, Kingsley, Berkshire, and Westport. (Read more about these styles below!)

I have the pleasure of working with individuals and couples to create custom jewelry that marks their most meaningful milestones. I have borrowed some of my favorite motifs and styles from meaningful custom projects and incorporated them into the collection styles.

Each ring is crafted by hand and features unique, responsibly sourced gemstones in 18k recycled yellow gold (Read more about the materials used below!).

I look forward to these rings transforming in meaning and importance as they find their homes.

As always, thank you for using my creations to tell your stories.

🤍 Eve

Elements Used In The Collection

Montana Sapphires

Montana, known as the Treasure State, is rich in many mineral and gemstone sources, including sapphires that come in a wide variety of fancy colors, including a range of blues and greens, purples, lavenders, pinks, yellow, and a host of other hues. For this collection, I have selected Montana Sapphires in the colors that surround me by the sea.

*Montana Sapphires are guaranteed to be sourced with safe working conditions and environmentally responsible principles.

Sapphires Cut By John Dyer

John Dyer has cut the sapphires over 0.20-carats used in this collection. Dyer is a master gem cutter who is renowned for his artistic ability. He is the recipient of over 50 elite gem-cutting awards, including a multi-time winner of the AGTA Spectrum Awards.

Every Dyer gemstone is a unique work of art. Dyer studies each gemstone individually to determine the best way to maximize the gem's beauty and brilliance. He releases the hidden allure of each gem through innovative, proprietary cutting styles.

Recycled Diamonds

Recycled diamonds — also known as reclaimed or estate diamonds — are diamonds that were previously set in jewelry and have re-entered the diamond supply chain as loose gemstones. Recycled Diamonds are eco-friendly diamonds and are the most environmentally-friendly and socially conscious choice. Because they’re repurposed instead of newly mined and very little energy is used to bring them to market, there is very low impact on the environment.

To extract diamonds from the Earth, the mining process requires massive amounts of soil to be removed. Harm to the air, soil, and water quality can occur and possible chemical contamination from mining can impact local communities. Recycled diamonds help us avoid these risks.

Diamonds are the hardest naturally occurring material which means they are perfect for recycling — they can be worn and reset without any trace. Once reclaimed, these diamonds are used to create brand new pieces of jewelry.

Old Cut Diamonds

Old Cut Diamonds are cut in a way that maximizes Dispersion, creating a magical rainbow of light breaking into the spectral colors in every stone. The diamonds in this collection are each a prismatic beauty in their play with light. They provide fleeting shocks of color that are the perfect translation of the wonder and magic of love, light, and hope.

Conflict-Free Accent Diamonds

All accent diamonds in the collection are guaranteed to have been supplied by legitimate sources not involved in funding conflict and that are in compliance with United Nations Resolutions. Each set of accent diamonds is matched for color, clarity, and even facet size so that light rolls evenly across the diamonds as the rings move through your life.

18k Recycled Yellow Gold

This collection is composed in 18k Recycled Yellow Gold, which is a rich, buttery hue. The gold features a satin finished that creates a glowing luster, perfect for a symbol of love.

Millegrain Detail

Millegrain are the small textured beads of gold that run along the edges of the rings. Millegrain means "A thousand grains" and it is a technique used to increase points of light reflection off of the metal. Reflection is always important when it comes to love. The small moments of reflection, realization, and wonder when you fall into a deep love are reflected in each hand-made grain of gold that edge and encircle the pieces in the collection.

Ring Names

The names of the rings in this collection are places I have lived. Each style takes elements of these places and transform them into a wearable, beautiful representation of the things I loved about each "Home".

About The Styles


A city built on the side of hill in 1636 by exiles from Massachusetts Bay Colony, Providence, my hometown, is one of the oldest cities in the country and an architectural delight. Founded by Puritans, the ring style Providence inspired appears clean and simple from the top view, but a look down the finger reveals ornate details and hand-crafted artistry, much like the carved wooden details, stained glass, and fluted columns found in the architecture around the city.

The Providence nods to two antique setting styles: the 8-prongs borrowed from Victorian jewelry and the millegrain bezel, which has been used since the first century B.C. By employing antique styles in this series, Providence celebrates timeless styles and traditions of jewelry making while providing a classic comfort in every ring.

West Side

A ring of opportunity, ambition, and endless possibility, the West Side style is inspired by my time living in Manhattan. With visions of street grids alive with bright lights serving as inspiration, I created a ring in which the baguettes that compose the band seem to float on the finger, levitating on dreams. Holding the center stone is a basket made with clean, modern lines, and subtle millegrain detail--a nod to the magic in the details found all around the city.


A style with roots as deep as the tall pine trees that surrounded the lake in Maine, the Kingsley style is inspired by my childhood summer camp. A place that was defined by the essentials--nature, simplicity, and friendship--this ring style groups three stones in on a tapered knife-edged band that features a line of millegrain down its peak.


Inspired by my time at college in the Berkshires, this style requires a close study. This style represents a town set in an idyllic landscape of rolling mountains that are captured in the curved lines of millegrain that flow along the band.

The Berkshire reveals more details with every look. Viewing the ring from multiple perspectives, you can see layers of millegrain, baguettes set perpendicular to the run of the band, and tapering forms that guide the eye up and around the center stone.


Westport is a place and a style that sparkles. A barrier island with white sands and blue skies that stretch forever over the ocean, Westport is bright and beautiful even with gray skies and dark storms approaching.

The Westport style captures the way light reflects in a million directions off of the water with a unique arrangement of diamonds on the band: two small diamonds stack vertically between beads of gold for every larger stone. The effect of additional facets and such small diamonds is a splintering of mesmerizing light that causes the ring the shine even in the dimmest light.

Like this collection? Share it with your friends! And be sure to tell me what you think in the comments below!

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