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The Dream Folder

Last summer, as Covid raged throughout the country and people hunkered down in their homes, I received an email from Nicole. She wanted to redesign a family heirloom and wear it as a “pre-wedding” ring to celebrate her wedding, planned for some indefinite time in the future once Covid had receded from memory and it was once again safe to gather.

The ring we redesigned had passed through multiple generations and was in need of a facelift and re-infusion of spirit. We recreated the ring to feature a spray of diamonds bookended by rubies. The ring features milgrain detail and a unique cut out under the settings reminiscent of the former setting. Nicole was smitten with the ring.

Over the years, I have put hundreds of engagement rings and diamond bands on my fingers to take photographs for clients and evaluate the feel of certain styles. I comb through Pinterest, looking at trends. I have “shopped” the competition in luxury jewelry stores along 5th Avenue and throughout the Diamond District in New York, admiring silhouettes, various diamond shapes and sizes on my hand, and color combinations. When working with clients, I dig through piles of diamonds in search for stones for clients, placing each option on my hand to get a better sense of sparkle and beauty while it is worn. This is my "research".

Despite my experience and “research”, no client has ever asked me about my own personal ring preferences--that is, until Nicole.

Now that world is opening, Nicole’s wedding is on the calendar and she contacted me to create a wedding band that will celebrate her marriage. In our conversation, Nicole asked me if I had a stash of designs that I would want to have for myself and the answer is: Yes. I absolutely do have a stash!

The file on my computer titled "Dream Folder" contains designs I have never brought to life that I would love to someday have! It is full of rings that I have hesitated to bring from concept to creation, waiting for a reason to release them into the world. Nicole is that reason!

After speaking with Nicole about her preferences for her wedding ring, one design from the “Dream Folder” stood out as an option for her wedding band. Without hesitation she said, "That's the one. That's the ring we are making!" and she gave me freedom to create this ring.

Nicole's ring uses a 1:2:1 pattern of round brilliant cut diamonds with one large diamond alternating with two vertically stacked smaller diamonds. This effect creates a band with straight edges for easy wearing and a total of 3,480 facets in the 60 diamonds used to compose the design. The number of facets create surfaces off of which light can reflect. The result is a mesmerizing disco ball of sparkle. It's scintillation is visible even in the dimmest light!

Nicole's ring was a joy to bring to life.

Unbeknownst to Nicole, she unlocked something by asking for something from my “Dream Folder”--She gave me permission to make the things that I have hesitated to make.

Nicole’s ring inspired me to crack open my notebooks from over the years and revisit ring designs that I have quietly amassed. I began compiling these designs, noticing themes in motifs, color, and form. I started drawing. I started looking at new stones that inspired even more creativity.

With Nicole's ring, she will get married.

With Nicole's ring, I am starting my first capsule collection of commitment and engagement rings in celebration of five years of Original Eve; five years of making objects that celebrate love, life, and a promise for a bright future.

The rings are currently in production and I look forward to sharing this new series with you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Until then, please join me in congratulating and thanking Nicole. This wedding band is the beginning of many beautiful things.


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