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Dramatic Leaves

Into The Amazon

A two-hour flight, a one-hour bus, a three-hour motorized boat, a two-hour dug out canoe away from civilization, creatures lurk in the shadows, making the jungle buzz. Leaves the size of people, spiders the size of fists, vines strangle trees lacing shadows together. The air is thick and heavy with hidden life.

Into The Amazon borrows the motifs of jungle leaves and the concept of secret layers in pieces that celebrate unique gemstones, lush, rich materials, and organic forms.


Fine Jewelry Collections

Made in 18k recycled gold with hand-selected gemstones

Image by Dustin Humes

Ascending Azores

Ascending Azores is inspired by the Azores, a Portuguese volcanic island chain in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. At the tops of the lush green volcanoes, gorgeous lakes with natural hot water springs fill the craters. The lakes are the most vivid shades of blue and green.  With ocean storms changing weather in an instant, opals that shift hue and flash play-of-color when rocked take on the dynamic, otherworldly beauty of the place when surrounded by textured organic outlines in gold and silver.


Terracing Peru

Through Terracing Peru we travel through the lush mountainsides of Peru, experiencing the stepped landscape that weaves through and wraps around the staggering mountains like ribbon. The jewelry features gold that drapes around the body, creating supple lines of organic, yet architectural, forms. With high polished surfaces that create dynamic highlights and lowlights like those seen on the terraced hills, the jewelry takes on characteristics of light and form of the incredible Peruvian landscape.

Terracing Peru_Inspiration Image_edited.

Fine Jewelry Made in New York, NY

with the world's most beautiful materials 

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