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Heirloom Redesign: Magic in the Details

Nicole's nana was the perfect Italian Nonna: soft skin, cuddly, introducing her to delicious foods, and making everything a treat. She always let Nicole stay up late after putting her little brother to bed. Maybe it was because she had introduced Nicole to coffee at the age of 7 (loaded with milk and sugar) that she had to let her stay up late, but it was undeniable that these two had a special bond.

When Nicole inherited a ring from her mother (at left) that was made with diamonds from her grandmother's ring (at right), she knew she wanted to recreate the ring and infuse it with special attention and love in order to wear it as her wedding band when she marries her partner Alex next year.

6.5 years ago, Nicole and Alex met at work. They instantly connected on an emotional level and found they were similar in so many ways. They balance each other out in strengths and weaknesses, forming a true partnership with a foundation of friendship. When describing her admiration for Alex, her appreciation of their connection, and gratitude for their partnership, Nicole had tears in her eyes--She cannot wait to marry this man!


For Nicole's Heirloom Redesign, we wanted to make a wedding band that was classic, timeless, and riddled with unique details. Drawing inspiration from the ring she inherited from her mother that had an ornate gallery visible from the side, we created a wedding band that incorporates swirling detailed cut-outs that are visible only from the side.

From the top view, bezels featuring millegrain surround her grandmother's single cut diamonds. Millegrain means "A thousand grains" in Italian, a nod to Nicole's Italian Nonna. This detail consists of small beads of gold along the edge of metal that increase the points of light reflection off of the gold. In another memorial to Nicole's connection with her grandmother, their shared January birthstone, Garnet, is burnished onto the interior of the band.

Bookending the spray of heirloom diamonds, we have set two glowing red rubies, Alex's birthstone, flanked by a modern diamond form in gold that leads the eye into a knife-edged band. The band tapers as it draws down under the finger. The point of the knife-edge is detailed with millegrain.


Nicole and Alex are due to get married in 2021. When Nicole saw photos of the completed ring she admitted that she may not be able to wait that long to wear this treasure--She wants to wear it on her right hand until the big day arrives as a reminder of her family history and family future.

This ring is a testament to the strength of Nicole's relationships from the bond she shared with her grandmother to her connection to her mother and the promise of forever she is making with Alex. This ring is a cross-generational memento, layered with beauty, love, and an emphasis on family.

It's the perfect symbol for the start of her marriage (and the time leading up to it ;-) )

Congratulations, Nicole and Alex!

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