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How To Gift The Perfect Jewelry for the Holidays

I got you something. I know you’ll like it.

Wouldn't it be amazing to give with that kind of confidence this holiday season?

You've decided you want this holiday season to be extra special for the ones you love. Getting your loved ones heirloom-quality jewelry for the holidays is a great gift that they will enjoy for years to come. While picking out the perfect piece of jewelry can feel daunting at first, the gift shopping process doesn’t have to be stressful!

As a seasoned gemologist and jewelry designer of both custom jewelry and ready-to-wear jewelry collections, I have a lot of experience matching the right piece of fine jewelry with the right person.

Follow my jewelry gifting tips below to spread joy this holiday season and beyond!

Tip #1 - Think about The Recipient

A common problem I see when people are buying gifts is that they think about what they like rather than putting themselves in the shoes of the recipient and thinking about the receiver's experiences, moods, likes, and needs.

How do we overcome this hurdle?

I have found over the years that people gravitate towards different pieces of jewelry depending on what they are experiencing in their lives. It makes sense! Crystals are known to hold energy due to their structure and colors are renowned for their effects on mood and the psyche. Not to mention the obvious: People shop for items they need for an upcoming event or milestone.

So what can do you do to put yourself in the recipient's shoes and pick something they would pick for themselves? Consider these questions:

  • Do they prefer to wear a certain type of metal? (Yellow, Rose, or Silver in color?)

  • What do they typically wear for fashion and jewelry? (Bold colors? Neutrals? Understated or statement items?)

  • Do they gravitate towards sleek design or more detailed and ornate creations?

  • What do they already have in their jewelry collection? What might they need more of or to have as an accent to existing pieces?

  • What colors do they love?

  • What kind of life do they lead and would a particular type of jewelry be cumbersome in their day-to-day or while doing their preferred activities? (For example, a large gemstone ring might not be the best gift for a nurse who is constantly putting on and taking off gloves, whereas a thoughtful necklace would be something he/she could wear daily.)

Tip #2 - Set A Budget

An important early step in the shopping process is setting a budget. This will ensure a smooth shopping experience by giving you a more targeted selection of items to choose from for the recipient. Plus, it eliminates the danger of going over budget or being shown items that are out of reach.

Tip #3 - Think About Gemstone Meaning

We have all heard about "Birthstones", which are specific gems that are associated with being born in a particular month, but the meaning of gemstones extends far beyond these connections. Since the ancients first uncovered colorful gems, they have been believed to hold mystical meanings.

A few examples of meanings and associated gems:

To Attract Love: Rose Quartz

To Promote Healing: Amber, Turquoise, Jade

To Have Luck: Citrine

For Protection: Tourmaline

To Attract Abundance: Sapphire

To Ward Off Seasickness: Aquamarine

To Prevent A Hangover: Amethyst ;-)

Reach out to me if you'd like some help picking a stone with meaning that matches the moment!

Tip #4 - Consider the Meaning Behind the Gift

Many anniversaries and milestones have a gemstone or item that are associated with marking that point in a person's life. Consider the 30 year "Pearl Anniversary" or receiving a watch as a retirement gift. Is there an item that would resonate particularly strongly for this person at this moment?

In the same vein, some items already have meaning that you may want to avoid. For example, if you buy the recipient a diamond ring, that comes with symbolism of an engagement. If you aren't ready for that big move, best to avoid gifting a diamond ring (or something that comes in a ring box!).

Tip #5 - Make it personal: Customize!

There are many ways to personalize a piece of jewelry through customization. While it is possible to create a piece of jewelry from scratch with a trusted jeweler, a more cost effective method for customization in a crunch can also be to engrave an existing piece or add a gemstone with a particular meaning to an item. Transforming a piece with a meaningful word, phrase, color, or stone can elevate a piece from "store bought" to "heartfelt".

Tip #6 - Write a Note

Lastly, tell them WHY this is the piece that you chose for their gift. A handwritten note is the personalized touch that will show your thoughtfulness and will serve as a lasting memento that they can keep to remember the deeper meaning and care you took in selecting this perfect present.

This is the element that ties together all of the Tips above and will be the perfect capstone for your perfect gift.

Still Unsure If It's The Right gift?

1. Contact I am happy to work with you to find the right piece of jewelry. I will ask you questions to help you figure out the perfect jewelry for your recipient that will have them smiling from ear to ear.

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