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Inside The Collection: Summer Splash of Color

Summer is all about sunshine, longer days, and brighter hues. With the change in season comes new opportunities to give your winter wardrobe a perky facelift by infusing it with **COLOR**!

Get inspired by our newly curated collection of "Bright Baubles" featured on the Original and look below to check out some of the Original Eve jewelry pieces that celebrate **COLOR**!



In many studies, colors have been shown to affect brain waves and cause men and women to react differently to various colors. When color is transmitted from the eye to the brain, the brain releases a hormone that affects emotions, mind clarity, and energy levels. Below is a chart of some of the emotions and associations with various colors perceived by the brain:

Color Psychology
Image from:

With these varied emotions in mind, we take a look at some of the most colorful items in the Original Eve Collection. Perhaps a gift with one of these will illicit the desired emotion for the recipient?


A variety of blues are available in the Original Eve collection. From faceted Lapis Earrings that remind us of the starry sky over our summer camp fire to the saturated blues of Montana Sapphire rings that remind us the blue waters that we will inevitably be swimming in during these hot summer months, there is a blue gemstone to match every summer activity and emotion!


Confidence. Success. Bravery. Fiery Orange pieces in the Original Eve collection, such as the freeform Mexican Fire Opal Ring and the Spiny Oyster Shell Earrings, are the hot thing this summer.

Spiny Oyster Shell is a shell that is harvested in Baja California. It comes in a variety of bright oranges, deep purples, rich reds, and in some rare cases, a bright yellow.

Spiny Oysters have traditionally been used as inlay in artwork, jewelry, and occasionally as currency. It has been revered by many cultures and is still sought after today as a valuable and rare organic material.


The definition of royalty and luxury, purple pieces elevate any ensemble to the highest heights. Amethyst pieces within the Original Eve collection offer variety in the range of purple hue from deeply saturated purple as seen in the Hexagonal Jungle Earrings to the dappled patterning of purple in the unheated oval Amethyst Formation earrings.

Like ink suspended in water, blots of amethyst's royal purple hue are suspended in rock crystal quartz, creating a dynamic and playful coloration.

As amethyst grows, various conditions in the environment may interrupt the growth, causing unique swirls of color, crystals forming within the crystal, and other beautiful signs that tell the tale of its creation.


Layers, twists, and billows of green seen in malachite can remind us of rich, lush, opulence. Original Eve's new Speckled Malachite Necklace and Earrings elevate this material to new heights, celebrating the undulating layers of green variation in hand-cut forms to highlight the nuance of the gem.

Featuring a unique, painterly splash of green speckles over a banded green background, this necklace features five pieces of hand-cut malachite gems that take on organic silhouettes.

With a range of rich greens composing each pieces of malachite, this necklace will be the envy of all who see it!

Malachite's opaque, green-banded patterning is caused by the botryoidal formation of the mineral, which is a globular external form resembling a bunch of grapes. Creating a cross section of these rounded formations results in the banding pattern we see. The banding pattern of every gem is different.


In addition to this sampling of **COLOR** from the collection, Original Eve specializes in creating bespoke jewelry. If you have a special celebration coming up, we can create custom jewelry featuring any colorful gemstone of your choosing!

Email me here and let's get the process started!


When it comes to Original Eve's jewelry designs, there is always more than meets the eye. If you have questions about any of the designs, crafting processes, gemstones, or materials used in the items you see in any of our jewelry, please feel free to reach out:

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