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Five Years of Original Eve Designs

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

It has now been five years since I started Original Eve Designs!

Prior to launching my company, I created custom jewelry for friends and family as a hobby on the side. But in July of 2017, I jumped into Original Eve with two feet.

Any business venture requires a dogged amount of hard-work to overcome challenges. Despite Covid and the way this past year of uncertainty has rocked our world, I have hit some wonderful milestones since the onset of this global crisis, including the receipt of three major acknowledgements from the jewelry industry:

I won an AGTA Spectrum Award for my Pear-Shaped Pearl Pendant with Montana Sapphires & Diamonds, the JA CASE Award for my Green Tourmaline Jungle Bracelet, and the Women’s Jewelry Association’s Carelle Grant for my leadership within the jewelry industry.

It has now been five years since I started Original Eve--five years of making objects that celebrate love, life, and a promise for a bright future.

Five years in business as a solo-preneur deserves a celebration. To mark this milestone, I am excited to announce the release of a new capsule engagement collection coming in the next few weeks!

This collection was born from my heart and years of experience working with clients to create high-quality, wearable, beautiful designs that elevate unique gemstones and unique people.

It has been years in the making. I have notebooks filled with engagement and commitment ring designs that I have quietly amassed since before I formally launched Original Eve. I began compiling these designs a few months ago, noticing themes in motifs, color, and form. I started drawing new combinations and I started gathering new stones that inspired even more creativity.

The pieces are currently in production, and I look forward to sharing this new series with you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Until then, thank you for being with me on this journey so far. I look forward to many more years making jewelry that helps you celebrate your milestones!

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