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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am writing to express my gratitude for one of my most meaningful client interactions to date.

A few weeks ago, while visiting Reliable Gold Ltd. in Providence, I met someone for the first time who has purchased several of my collection pieces. I entered the store and this client met me with a hug. My pieces were the very first she had purchased for herself and she thanked me for introducing her to the world of jewelry.

This woman had first stumbled upon Original Eve Designs as she was taking herself for a sandwich at the café next to Reliable Gold. She saw the pieces in the window and went inside. Once she put a pendant on her neck, she looked in the mirror and said, "This is something I never knew I always wanted."

She described to me that she experienced a transformation after she walked out of the store wearing her new jewelry--the jewelry changed the way she feels and carries herself. Wearing Original Eve has altered her confidence. People comment frequently on the pieces, complimenting her.

In the morning, she has a new ritual. Now that she has collected several pieces, she unfolds a piece of velvet and places the options for jewelry for the day on that fabric. She looks at them, mixes and matches a new expression for herself, and walks into the world with a smile.

As the conversation went on and she tried on several pieces I had with me, she eventually looked at my face, pointed at my ears, and bought the black onyx earrings right off of my body! And then, she bought my favorite Tahitian Pearl pendant off of my neck! Feeling a bit naked without any jewelry on, I started to put on different earrings from my stash. She stopped admiring the earrings she had already decided to purchase, pointed at my ears again, and bought those as well!

Thank you to my new friend, for leaving me jewelry-less in a memorable interaction that left me laughing. And thank you for loving my work and giving me the opportunity to see how much joy it brings to you.

It is truly a gift to be able to work with such beautiful materials to make objects that bring me joy. Seeing that the art I create has such an impact on my customers is an experience I truly cherish.

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