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Inside The Collection: Colorless Stones

While it's common knowledge that "all that glitters is not gold", you may be less familiar with the fact that all that is a colorless gemstone is not a diamond!

There are severals pieces in the current Original Eve Collection that feature dazzling colorless gems that glitter in the light with their beautiful facets, flashes of iridescence, and soothing watery appearance.

In addition to these collection pieces, I will share colorless gems that are in the Original Eve Collection, but have yet to make it into finish jewelry pieces! These gemstones are available for purchase and I would LOVE to work with you to transform them into a custom piece.

Be sure to reach out to if something catches your eye!

Rock Crystal Trapeze Earrings

White Moonstone Trapeze Earrings

The ethereal glow of the goddess stone, moonstone, is transformative.

When light falls on moonstone, thin layers of alternating minerals cause the light to billow across the face of the gemstone in the phenomenon called adularescence.

Rainbow Moonstone Lozenge Necklace

In Rainbow Moonstone, the glistening effect of adularescence is displayed in the spectral colors, revealing a magical, shimmering rainbow in every gem. This necklace is knotted on silk and finished with an 18k recycled yellow gold clasp. It falls to 16" and has a mesmerizing sparkle.

Shop this necklace HERE.

Rock Crystal Trapeze Earrings

These stunning drop earrings capture light and shimmer thanks to their beautiful checkerboard faceting pattern and movement provided by the Trapeze component.

Click HERE to shop these earrings.

Phantom Quartz Pendant

Phantom Quartz Pendant

A close look at this one-of-a-kind pendant reveals a mysterious floating crystal suspended within the rock crystal crystal, adding allure and beauty to any neckline.

A perfect pendant to celebrate the recent closing of Broadway's longest running show, Phantom of the Opera, the Phantom of this Quartz is hauntingly beautiful.

Click HERE to learn more.


Colorless Gemstones in the Collection

There are several colorless gemstones filled with allure and beauty that I have purchased for Original Eve over the years, but not all of these beautiful colorless gems have made their way into finished jewelry... Yet!

See the Gems below and be sure to contact me if any of these gems have caught your eye. I would love to work with you to transform them into a custom piece.


Rainbow Moonstone Heshi Cut Beads

1. Rainbow Moonstone Heshi Cut Bead Strand

Rainbow hues radiate out of this Heshi Cut Bead Strand with movement. With facets on the sides of the beads, the Rainbow Moonstones have a subtle sparkle.


  • These beads could be strung into a Candy Necklace with knots between each bead.

  • Gold beads could be sprinkled along the strand, adding contrast to the strand

  • The strand could be mixed and matched with another of our Heshi cut strands for added color and interest

Sulfur Tipped Rock Crystal Marquise

2. Sulfur Tipped Rock Crystal Marquise

Exquisitely cut elongated Marquise of Rock Crystal Quartz appear as if they are dipped in white frosting, an effect caused by the presence of sulfur in the gemstones. The result is a completely unique gem that is calling to become the perfect pair of earrings.


  • Create an intricate basket that holds the marquise as earrings and appears minimal from the front so the gems take center stage.

  • Create a cap and suspend the marquise from their tops as a stunning pair of earrings

Faceted Rock Crystal Briolettes

3. Faceted Rock Crystal Briolettes

With hundreds of facets cut to form these rock crystal briolettes, these colorless gems come alive with sparkle.


  • The side drill at the tip of the briolette make these gems perfect for earrings in the Original Eve Trapeze Setting. (See HERE for an example of this setting style)

  • Briolette earrings with a cap of gold

Tourmalinated Quartz Marquise

4. Tourmalinated Quartz Marquise with Cabochon Face

The curved face of this one of a kind marquise of tourmalinated quartz causes a magnifying effect, which is spectacular with the laser show of tourmaline that lives inside quartz body of the gem!


  • This piece would make a stunning vertical pendant, held in place by discreet prongs

  • Balanced on the wrist on a cuff, this piece would catch your eye constantly in a custom bracelet!

Tourmalinated Quartz Cabochons

5. Small Tourmalinated Quartz Cabochons

A stunning pair of tourmalinated quartz cabochons dance with tourmaline crystals suspended inside each gem.


  • Simple studs that would be a perfect daily wear

  • Used as accent stones in a pair of earrings featuring a complementary gemstone. Perhaps a larger piece of rock crystal? Tourmaline? Or a colorful splash of another stone!

Mother of Pearl and Quartz Doublets

6. Mother of Pearl and Rock Crystal Geometric Slices

With a backing of Mother of Pearl radiating luster and pearlescent nuance through the step-cut asymmetrical hexagonal rock crystal gems, these doublets offer a unique and stunning interaction with light that is rarely seen!


  • The front to back drill at the tip of the gems make these gems perfect for earrings in the Original Eve Dancing Setting. (See HERE for an example of this setting style)

  • Can be set as stunning cufflinks

  • Would be beautifully combined with diamonds and/or pearls

Phantom Quartz Gems

7. Phantom Quartz Gems

A close look at these unique gems reveal a mysterious floating crystal suspended within each rock crystal crystal. Phantom quartz is a variety of Rock Crystal that forms over pre-existing crystals. The included crystal is visible and outlined within the larger gem, creating an undeniable allure.


  • These would be phenomenal pendants suspended from customized settings at the top or set in bezels (See HERE for an example of a Phantom Quartz Pendant in the Collection)

  • The smaller phantom quartz gems would be beautiful rings that you could study with every wear!

Green Tourmalinated Quartz

8. Oval Green Tourmalinated Quartz

This elongated oval captures a dynamic array of green tourmaline crystals inside. It is large scale and bold, while remaining lightweight and easy to wear.


  • Set the gem horizontally as a cuff bracelet

  • Bezel set the gem to be a unique pendant

Faceted Moonstone Slices

9. Faceted Moonstone Slices

Lovely moonstones are faceted across their surface, adding sparkle with every movement


  • These gems lend themselves nicely to a front to back drill at the top of the gems. This would allow them to be perfect for earrings in the Original Eve Dancing Setting. (See HERE for an example of this setting style)

  • The earrings could be amplified by adding diamonds, sapphires, or other gems to the earwire



Original Eve specializes in creating bespoke jewelry. If you have a special celebration coming up, we can create custom jewelry featuring any colorful gemstone of your choosing!

Email me here and let's get the process started!


When it comes to Original Eve's jewelry designs, there is always more than meets the eye. If you have questions about any of the designs, crafting processes, gemstones, or materials used in the items you see in any of our jewelry, please feel free to reach out:

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