Graduated Three Rose Nouveau Diamond Reversible Necklace |  18k Yellow Gold

Graduated Three Diamond Reversible Necklace | 18k Yellow Gold

SKU: N18Y21001

The Graduated Three Diamond Necklace features a graduated display of three bezel set diamonds.


The diamonds are certified post-consumer recycled Old European diamonds with a contemporary modification: the base of each diamond has been faceted into a beautiful rose cut.


This unique necklace design allows the wearer to reveal the multiple personalities of each stone through its reversible wearing style featuring finished milgrain detail on both sides of the bezel.


Great for layering or wearing alone, this versatile necklace is sure to become a wardrobe staple. 17" Length.



About the Diamonds:

> Rose Nouveau Diamonds 0.38-carat total weight, GH VS1 (Certified Post Consumer Recycled Diamond)


  • Old European Diamonds are the precursor to the modern round brilliant cut diamond. Whereas a modern round brilliant cut diamond is cut to maximize the white light return to the eye (aka: the brilliance), the Old European has a steeper crown and narrow table, which causes the light to bounce around inside the diamond, breaking the light into its spectral hues (aka: dispersion). When you look into an Old Euro, you see "fire". All of the colors of the rainbow live inside these stones.

  • Rose Cut diamonds were originally cut during the Victorian era to be worn in candlelight. Rose Cuts are made up of triangular facets that look like a rose unfurling. They reflect light off their surface with a soft, almost watery, sparkle. Rose Cuts tend to have a flat base, but in this ring, the Old European base gives this rose a mesmerizing pattern and unusual display of fire. Whereas Rose Cuts tend to be off-round to accommodate the triangle facets that make up their dome, these rose cuts have a perfectly round outline due to their Old Euro bases resulting in a perfectly symmetrical star pattern when viewed from the top.



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