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abc carpet & home

As a jewelry designer inspired by travel and places that are far away, I try to go on adventures and trips as much as possible. I just returned yesterday from 12 days in Catalonia, Spain and São Miguel Island in the Azores, Portugal. I was inspired by beautiful landscapes, food, and the exciting opportunity to have everything around me be fresh and new.

It’s not always possible to jet off to far away places and so I have found satiation for my hunger to travel in various places throughout New York. One of my favorite trips from home that is at home had an open call for new designers before I left for my trip. I packed up my jewelry designs and hopped on the train for an hour and a half journey to Industry City in Brooklyn to wait in line for the incredible opportunity to speak with the buyers.

The buyers were emblematic of the store—warm and accessible. They sat, smiling, after over an hour and half of already meeting with want-to-be vendors. As is usually the case when I start a presentation, my planning went out the window and I heard myself confess into their warm, smiling faces: “abc carpet & home is my happy place”.

abc is an experience and a journey. Walking through abc gives me the same sensation as walking through a spice market in Thailand or a street sale in Tel Aviv. There are treasures everywhere—hidden, buried and layered in color and texture. Rambling through the space, stacks of items charm every sense from chimes to scented candles, ornate tapestries in vivid colors to plush stuffed animals that demand your fingertips. A visit to the store allows you to enjoy objects made using traditional craftsmanship and have origins from around the globe, giving you a passport to experience creativity and authentic beauty made a world away.

Going into abc carpet & home provides an opportunity to be transported.

Morphing Landscape "Terracing Peru" Collection

I think the sensations of the store pair beautifully with my goals in making. I aim to allow the experience of traveling to far away places to continue after returning home, paying homage to the feelings and unique attributes of the places by attempting to recreate them in the jewelry I design. My pieces are made by hand here in New York City, but they represent an appreciation for universal beauty and texture, light and reflection. I revere the world’s natural landscapes and I have twisted and morphed these places to drape on the body and transport the imagination.

A few weeks after meeting the buyers, I am back from an inspiring trip and am a few steps closer to finding out if I will be called back to meet with the buyers for a longer meeting. I hope to have the opportunity to share my pieces with abc’s clientele. Fingers crossed for the callbacks!

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