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CAD-CAM Accessibility

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

It is an exciting time to be a creator. CAD accessibility is increasing at exponential rates.

Today, technology in every part of our lives is unavoidable. We can communicate face-to-face within seconds with friends and family on the other side of the planet. Before we get home from work, we can increase or decrease the temperature of our homes. We don’t need to worry about the safety of our children when we can watch our babysitter interact with our kids from the middle of our dinner date... This accessibility has crossed into CAD and made adoption of the technology much easier and much more appealing.

My Little Monster digital app

Only a few years ago, operating a 3d modeling program on the computer required vast amounts of memory and expensive software. Today, I can create 3d models on my cell phone with free software (Check out My Little Monster app to design hilarious monsters from your cell phone). These models can be produced easily by instantly sending the file to a number of printing bureaus available to the public, or even to a privately operated printing hub via Hubs, where an individual can offer their own investment in a 3D printer to produce files designed by others. This creates as an easy secondary income and way to cover the cost of the printer, making investing in the technology that much more appealing!

With more advanced systems readily available at affordable prices, the typical household can use free online software, like TinkerCad, to create objects. A printer can be purchased for at home craft projects for under $2,000. People can even have a mobile 3d doodling pen for car trips or on-the-go making for under $100. Continual evolution is inevitable as accessibility increases and exposure to this new language of creation occurs for users at a young age.

Technology companies are evolving rapidly, improving the printing qualities, speed, and the ease of use of the software, which lower the barriers for adopting these technologies. As “tech” speak in CAD decreases and UX (user interface) improves, more and more will adopt CAD as a hobby that will, inevitably, turn into passion for many.

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