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California Clarity

I am returning from ten days in Southern California that not only resulted in resetting my clock, it also reset my spirit, priorities, and drive.

The trip was divided into three parts, each fundamental in restoring and boosting my enthusiasm for Original Eve.

Part One:

The first part of the trip took place in Joshua Tree National Park and Palm Springs with two of my cousins. #Streickerwomen are a tough breed who love adventure. Armed with hilarious sweaters that came from the closets of our AirBnb and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, we conquered the desert in our 2-wheel drive Rav4 (Really, 4-wheel drive would have been key).

My face and stomach hurt from laughing, my butt and back hurt from jumping from boulder to boulder, and my hands hurt from gripping the steering wheel so tightly as we "white water rafted" down boulders while crossing a mountain and finding ourselves driving past men practice shooting with assault riffles... I have not laughed so hard (or held a wheel so tightly) as I did as we fled the park to Palm Springs where a masseuse slathered me in greasy oil, we trapped cockroaches/crickets under mugs, and dipped our tired bodies in an elixir of rejuvenation.

Part Two:

The second part of the trip was with the fabulous Jennifer Heebner, Madame President of the WJA Metro New York Chapter. Together, we drove in the same sturdy Rav4 down to San Diego. Having not returned to San Diego since I lived in the area while attending GIA for my Graduate Gemological degree about five years ago, reconnecting with the place (and visiting the local animals), charged my battery to full capacity and reminded me that the sunsets in California are still as drool-worthy as they were so many sunsets ago.

Part Three:

The reason for the entire trip was an incredible opportunity to join the Women's Jewelry Association for the annual Leadership Conference and In The Spotlight event hosted by the WJA national board and WJA Los Angeles chapter. My cup flowth over with love and excitement after a weekend with this group of female leaders of the WJA chapters across the country. To be in a room with such dynamic, passionate, intelligent, and strong women was such an incredible honor.

And it was even more of an honor to accept the Shining Star Award 2017 from the WJA Metro New York Chapter for my work with the organization. I am so lucky to have found my jewelry family in WJA Metro. I could not be more excited to be your President Elect and Shining Star!~

The trip was full of laughter, quirky animals, beautiful sunsets, strong women, passion, and friendship. My gears are turning with new ideas for Original Eve and the WJA Metro New York Chapter. My heart is full. And I am so excited to get back to work!

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