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Carelle Grant Recipient 2020

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I am very excited to announce that The Women’s Jewelry Association Foundation has named me, Eve Streicker, the recipient of the 2020 Carelle Grant.

The WJA Foundation created the grant in collaboration with the jewelry brand, Carelle, and its co-founder and designer, Chana Regev. Before her untimely death at 28 from a rare blood infection, Brooke Tivol McGrath worked at Carelle, helping to establish the brand’s identity. This grant was established in McGrath's memory.

The Carelle Grant is awarded annually through a jury process to an emerging design brand in their first five years of business.

I am truly honored to receive this award, especially given the circumstances in the world today. It is definitely not an easy moment for an independent designer, but the news of receiving the Carelle Grant is exactly the confidence boost I needed while living my days in quarantine!

At the moment, I am spending much of my time working on digital programming for the NY Metro Chapter of WJA, for which I am currently serving as Chapter President. The Metro Chapter of WJA has been an incredible community for me over the past few years, but especially over the last few weeks.

The Metro Chapter Leadership Team decided together to offer FREE digital programming to all WJA Members and Non-Members through the end of May. We want to provide 2-3 events per week that will allow us to foster community while we are all in isolation.

To give back to our community during this time of uncertainty is truly a gift because in generating the programming and coordinating efforts between various stakeholders and leaders within the organization and industry, I am able to find purpose and a voice. Having the Metro community has been tremendous for keeping my spirits high in isolation.

(Sign up for Metro's free programming events on the Women's Jewelry Association webpage HERE)

When I attended my first WJA event several years ago, I was incredibly intimidated. I didn't know a single person. Everyone who walked into the event seemed to know everyone else and greeted one another with long hugs. I told myself I needed to speak to three people and then I could leave. With my new mission, I had three casual conversations and quickly left. When the next month's WJA event popped up on my calendar, I decided to try again with the goal of talking to three new people.

As soon as I walked in to my second WJA event, the three people I met at the previous event hugged me. I spoke to three new people that night and the next month I got six hugs.

Friendship in WJA is exponential.

To be given this grant by the WJA Foundation means so much to me because this community is filled with people who are my friends and my industry family. I am so grateful for this honor and for being recognized for my contributions to the industry and efforts with my young business. I cannot wait for the time when I am allowed to hug out my joy for the privilege of receiving this award with this beautiful community.

Thank you, WJA.

Shining Star of the WJA Yellow Roses

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