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Inside The Collection: Summer Fun (Part One)

With the world opening up, this summer is kicking off with even more excitement than in years past. After over a year of pandemic lockdown, people are eager to mix, mingle, and show off their style.

Embrace summer with these fun summer jewelry staples from Original Eve. From elegant matte gold chains to playful rings that add a pop of color, bold earrings that offset your perfect sun-kissed tan and pearls that pay homage to the sea, we have something for every style made with 18k recycled gold and unique gemstones.

Below is a sampling from our Summer Curation of fine jewelry that celebrate the sunniest season of 2021.


A Touch of Gold

Summer fun cannot exist without some summer sun! Glisten and glimmer while setting off your sun-kissed skin in 18k recycled yellow gold. The rich warmth of our gold is rivaled in brightness only by the sun itself.

Feeling summertime hot, hot, hot with the Flame Ring! You can make waves poolside with the undulated curves seen throughout our Peru collection. This solid 18k gold ring manipulates shadows and light that dance across its surface.

Available in polish and matte satin finishes.

Inspired by the Azores Island chain of Portugal that emerges from the ocean as the tops of volcanic craters, these linking organic forms feature a subtle ridged texture to softly reflect light. Made in 18k recycled gold, the Azores Front Necklace is at once subtle and understated while packing a punch with its unique style and ease of wear.

Bold bright color!

Summer is the season for a pop of happiness! Bring that joy to your jewelry style with bold, bright colors!

The lively blueish-green hue of Amazonite evokes the wild landscape of Amazon, where the gemstone can be found. Each gemstone displays unique patterning.

These unique pear-shaped Yellow Sapphires are rose cut to display a beautiful shimmer of light across their faceted surface. With 30.30-carats of eye popping yellow, these earrings are showstoppers.

Displaying a sharp bi-color patterning, the Valentine Tourmaline slices feature distinct triangles of saturated raspberry red floating within concentric circles of white and pink.

Bright White in the Summer Light

You can't wear white after Labor Day, but you better be wearing it before then to show off all of your hard work toasting in the sun!

The Triangle Moonstone earrings are a bright white that shimmers in the summer light. When light falls on moonstone, thin layers of alternating minerals cause light to billow across the face of the gemstone in the phenomenon called adularescence. Gentle glittering will be gorgeous in your jewelry collection!

The Mother-of-Pearl Loop Earrings display carved Mother-of-pearl loops that are lightweight and bold. With a luster that causes the dangles to be seemingly illuminated from within, these earrings pop.

To check out more of our summer collection, click the link below. Part Two of the "Summer Fun" blog series will be coming in August!


In addition to this sampling of jewelry perfect for the summer from the collection, Original Eve specialized in creating bespoke jewelry. If you have a special celebration coming up, we can create custom jewelry featuring Pearl or any gemstone of your choosing!

Email me here and let's get the process started!


When it comes to Original Eve's jewelry designs, there is always more than meets the eye. If you have questions about any of the designs, crafting processes, gemstones, or materials used in the items you see in any of our jewelry, please feel free to reach out:

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