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Middle School Crush Turns to Marriage

When Daniel's mother found out he was seeing Dana after months of secrecy, she forced him to end it. He really liked Dana, but at age 13, when your mother tells you that you are too young to date, you have to listen.

Today, Daniel's mother and Dana are very close. His mother loves her. In fact, his mother and Dana talk like he's not even there! In reality, he's not there. Daniel lives in New York City and Dana is in Guatemala, where they both originate. For the last three years, Daniel and Dana have been dating at a distance, seeing each other whenever possible.

Their relationship started for a second time when Daniel was 19 and Dana started going to the church he attends in Guatemala. They went on a few dates before Daniel started his freshman year of college in New York. A few months later, Dana came to visit New York and the couple made their relationship official.

Now that Daniel is finishing college, he's ready to turn this childhood crush into his lifelong love story with a New York proposal with an iconic city view.

Dana's engagement ring features a 0.40-carat oval cut diamond set in four double prongs on a delicate 18k yellow gold band. The band features a sprinkling of 0.15-carat total weight in round sapphires that add a splash of brilliant blue.

Long distance and long term, their love has overcome challenges from the start (at age 13!). But now, with a ring on her hand, Daniel and Dana start on the next phase of their love and life together.

Congratulations on your engagement, Daniel and Dana! Cheers to another decade of fated love ❤️

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