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Passion Project: CAD = Art

Happy Valentine's Day! Since today is the day for passion and love, it only makes sense to turn the blog to a subject about which I am incredibly passionate: CAD being considered MORE than a tool.

Passion Project JCK WJA GenNext

Two weeks ago during the 2017 Tucson Gem Show, I participated in an event called The Passion Project, hosted at JCK by GenNext, WJA, and The Smithee Group. This event consisted of a series of fast-paced presentations by members of the jewelry industry, aimed to introduce an audience to a source of passion in the presenters' lives. With five minutes to talk to a captive audience about any subject of my choosing, I decided to present a quick argument about CAD being more than a tool—I believe that CAD is an art form.

With more than five minutes to ruminate about CAD here on the blog, I have decided to do a series of posts to talk about my dedication to CAD as an art form. Over the next few weeks, I will explain how CAD works, a few of the major implications for this technology on scientific and creative industries, and a couple of very impressive artists who are pushing this technology to new levels.

Stay tuned!

Eve Streicker, Passion Project 2017 JCK WJA GenNext

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