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Reduce, Reuse, Reconnect: A Repurposed Pair of Earrings Ties Together Generations and Milestones

To celebrate Earth Day 2019, I want to take you behind the scenes of the latest "recycling" project at Original Eve Designs that celebrates renewal and rebirth, the themes of the spring season, with a glistening and fresh perspective.

Diamond Flower Earring
The original earring (to be redesigned!)

Two earrings and two daughters,

this generous mother split a beautiful pair of diamond flower earrings between her two girls who have, in turn, transformed these blossoming baubles into jewelry to celebrate their exciting milestones and own individual aesthetics.


To celebrate her wedding, the bride-to-be, Hannah, used the pavé diamond petals as sparkly accents to a classically bridal pearl necklace.

The necklace uses some of the highest quality freshwater pearls that feature sharp luster and beautiful spherical form. The pearls have been arranged in vertical rows of three, suspended between two chains.

The construction was a feat of engineering! In partnership with Andrea Panico of Pico Jewelry, we were able to create a structure to hold the pearls between the chains with a variety of techniques that challenged some of my finest jewelers who are accustomed to working at microscopic scale! The result of Andrea's construction efforts creates a regal collar that is at once bridal and suitable for a thrown.

The collar rests against her collarbone and the petals move elegantly, allowing light to reflect off of the pearls and diamonds beautifully.

This is the ultimate "Something Old/Something New"!


Her sister Miriam's bracelet was created in honor of her transition to motherhood.

We deconstructed and reused their mother's earring and suspended the elements along a modern swoop of recycled gold that creates a bypass framework for the cuff.

0.89-carats of oval rubies, her baby's July birthstone, punctuate the petals like blooming flowers in clean bezels. The negative space between the petals and rubies creates unexpected form and an opportunity for light to a pass through the bracelet in a way that is reminiscent of light traveling through branches in the forest.

The bracelet features a hidden hinge and a handmade clasp and safety that will withstand the grasp of little hands and carrying far too much in a diaper bag ;-)


With one earring going into the creation of the wedding necklace and the other to the bracelet celebrating motherhood, these repurposed earrings celebrate the major milestones this family has experienced in a very short period of time. As a tie between generations from (grand)mother to daughters to grandchild, the beauty of the pavé petals will extend beyond the earlobe and into the lives and moments that matter most.

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