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The Science of Love

For Daniel and Mafalda, science was the introduction, but love is the glue. Both foreign in a new land, this couple met while working in laboratories in Glasgow. He was studying the transmission of rabies and she was analyzing data, identifying patterns, and synthesizing information.

On the weekend, this couple leaves the laboratory behind to travel high into the mountains in the Scottish countryside. Epic hikes with their dog in tow and panoramic views have colored years of their relationship.

Now, Daniel and Mafalda are taking the next step with an engagement.


When your active lifestyle has you seeking adventures high in the mountains, an engagement ring might not be the best bet. Daniel came to me looking for an alternative and together we created an engagement necklace with responsible sourcing and sustainability at the heart of every design decision. The engagement necklace we designed bridges Daniel and Mafalda's American and European roots, love for science, and is practical to wear.

Our goal in creating Mafalda's necklace was to craft a piece that is modern, wearable, and non-traditional. We selected a gray rose cut diamond as the central piece of the pendant. Rose Cut diamonds were originally cut in Europe during the Victorian era to be worn in candlelight. Rose Cuts have a flat base and domed top made up of triangular facets that look like a rose unfurling. They reflect light off their surface with a soft, almost watery, sparkle. Mafalda is a native of Portugal, so selecting a diamond cut originating in Europe is a tribute to Mafalda's roots.

Surrounding the rose cut diamond is an outer ring of gold, reminiscent of the orb of an atom, dotted with three Montana Sapphires, a nod to Daniel's American roots. Montana, known as the Treasure State, is rich in many mineral and gemstone sources, including sapphires. Gem-quality sapphires were first found in Montana in 1865 by Gold Rush prospectors who found the gems in gravel along the Missouri River. These gems came in a wide variety of fancy colors, including a range of blues and greens, purples, lavenders, pinks, yellow, and a host of other hues. They are guaranteed to be mined under safe working conditions and with environmentally responsible principles at heart.

With a hardness of 9 on the Mohs Scale for the Montana Sapphires and a 10 on the Mohs Scale for diamonds, sapphire and diamond are incredibly durable and a perfect choice for Mafalda's active lifestyle.

There is much change on the horizon for this adventurous couple. Their hikes will gain another companion in only a few weeks time--the gift of this engagement necklace is coming right before an even more precious bundle: Daniel and Mafalda are expecting their first baby in August!

There are many milestones to celebrate. I look forward to welcoming the two newest additions to the Streicker family with a big hug once it is safe to travel the world again Post-Covid.

Sending love to my cousin Daniel, his fiancée Mafalda, and Baby Streicker (Coming soon!)

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