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Meet-Cute Engagement

I always love when my clients have a classic Meet-Cute--the moment when two people who are destined to fall in love meet in a zaney, unlikely, and unusual way.

I am a bit of a hopeless romantic. I always cry when my clients text or call after they propose and receive a "Yes!". I'm not crying because I doubt the response or don't know the proposal is coming--I am always one of the few people who KNOWS what is going to happen. I cry because I meet amazing people and hear stories about falling in love with a stranger who and finding the love of their lives. I help lock down that perfect ending to the rom-com. And then I shed tears of joy. Sappy sappy tears of sappy sappy joy.

Tom shared one of my most favorite Meet-Cutes to date:

In February of 2016, Casey and Tom found themselves at the same pizza place, ordering side-by-side at the bar. Tom was a regular at this neighborhood haunt. Casey was a less frequent visitor who also lived in the neighborhood.

Casey and Tom talked for hours and hours, laughing and clicking. They left for the evening and Tom spent the rest of the night reliving this amazing connection, regretting the fact that he did not ask for her number, and beating himself up. Tom went back to the bartender and said, "If you ever see her again, get her number for me."

Seven months ago, Casey walked back into the same pizza place. In the time since the previous February, Casey had moved and now this neighborhood restaurant was just a bit too far to be convenient for pizza alone at the bar.

With friends visiting for the weekend, she decided to return to not only find great pizza, but also the love of her life. Remembering Tom, his loyal customer and friend, the bartender pounced on the opportunity to connect the two and within days, they had a second evening laughing at the bar of the same pizza place, and haven't stopped laughing since.


Tom and I created an engagement ring for Casey, featuring a pear-shaped 1.13-carat, F, VS1 diamond. The diamond is set East-West in a setting and reiterates the form of an elegant pizza slice throughout. From the knife-edged 18k yellow gold band to the etched detail in the motif that composes the platinum basket; the knife-edged prongs, the triangular joint between the band and basket, and even the "Pizza-Shaped" diamond and the negative space that sits against the finger below the diamond, a thread of their fated story is elevated in beautiful materials and craftsmanship.

Last month, Casey and Tom moved in together. This month, Casey celebrated a milestone birthday. This week, Tom and Casey celebrate their commitment to each other and continuing this delicious story together.

Here's to Tom and Casey and their brilliant Meet-Cute!

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