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Sweet Promises--Citrine Engagement Necklace

Not every engagement becomes official with a ring. Sometimes, the sweetest gesture of commitment and saying "yes" to each other comes in the form of a sweet thing...

Citrine Croissant Necklace

Having known the bride, Ko, for over a decade, the email from her partner asking for my help to make a symbol of his love absolutely warmed my heart. Ko is one of the most inspiring, intelligent, and kind people I have had the opportunity to meet. Throughout college, I admired her generosity and thirst for community. Working with her on various committees and leading groups of younger students into the woods together, I was able to witness firsthand her ability to cultivate meaningful friendships and connection in every interaction she had. She is passionate and capable, the founder of an organization that feeds people and community with storytelling and authenticity, and, to win her heart, I know that her partner Chris is a remarkable man.

Wanting Ko to be involved in the making of an engagement ring, Chris and I discussed many designs and landed on the idea of making a necklace to create an item to gift at the proposal. We bounced between ideas, but the final item needed to capture the essence of Ko:

Balanced. Interesting. Lovingly crafted. Unique. Modern. Undeniably beautiful.

For Chris and Ko, food has been a cornerstone of their relationship and life together. The knotted croissant was the perfect motif to symbolize their intention to tie the knot and the promise of a sweet life together forever.

The 18k yellow gold croissant pendant holds a marquise citrine of extraordinarily rich color that seems to glow from within. Not only is citrine Ko's birthstone and not only does Citrine have a color as warm as her smile, it is also known as a healing stone for its ability to comfort, soothe, and calm. It can release negative feelings, spark imagination and manifest fresh beginnings.

These attributes capture Ko's ability to heal communities, soothe tensions, and project a spirit of playfulness that is contagious to all around her. Citrine will also soothe, heal, and calm her when her own ailments may arise. Like Ko, Citrine provides all of the most beautiful attributes to those around it and this citrine and her loving partner will always be sources of replenishment if she ever feels depleted. She deserves them both!

Engagement Croissant in 18k Yellow Gold and Citrine

This citrine is a symbol of a new beginning and the promise of a wonderful life with her partner, Chris.

Congratulations, Chris and Ko! I could not be more excited for you to say yes to each other. May your life together be as sweet as this forever symbol!

Love, Evie

Congratulations Ko and Chris!

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