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The Spirit Giveth Life: Interview with the Wheeler School

Kindergarten Class Photo of Me (stylish at age 5)
Kindergarten Class Photo of Me (stylish at age 5)

I went to the Wheeler School in Providence, Rhode Island for 13 years. On my very first day of Kindergarten at Wheeler, I had art class with Ann-Marie Gillett. When I went home from school that day, I told my parents I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up: an Art Teacher, just like Mrs. Gillett.

One day of private school and a whole life was decided. Not a bad investment.

The founder of the school, Mary C. Wheeler, was an artist who studied with Monet in the summers. The school she created carried on the spirit of creativity in its art program and motto: "The Spirit Giveth Life".

The spirit of creativity is certainly strong on the Wheeler campus and Wheeler's rigorous Studio Art Program taught me the fundamentals needed to complete an Art History and Studio Art Major at Williams College, a Master's in Fine Art at Tyler School of Art, and eventually start Original Eve.

I am excited to share that Wheeler interviewed me for "Now and Then", the Alumni Magazine! Please take a listen and get a behind-the-scenes look at my journey to Original Eve Designs:

When I received my terminal degree in Art with my MFA from Tyler, I had accomplished the goal 5-year-old me had set to be an Art Teacher, just like Mrs. Gillett. Now, I make it a point to educate and share what I have learned through my educational experiences, starting at Wheeler.

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