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The Ultimate Rock Show You Can't Afford to Miss Next Year

When I say, "Rock", you might think music, but the ultimate music comes straight out of the earth and is music to my eyes.

That's right. The Rock Show that you should do everything in your power to attend happens annually in Tucson, Arizona and brings you infinite forms of crystallized beauty.

Every year, gemologists and mineralogists from around the world gather in Tucson, Arizona to display and trade their finds. With museum curators (and the Chinese government) scouting dinosaur fossils, jewelry designers sourcing the finest colored gemstones available, and bead lovers sorting through piles and piles of beads arranged in large hanks on table after table, there is something for anyone who appreciates the magical creations of Mother Nature.

Even if you aren't in the jewelry industry with access to the convention center (where armed guards protect the most esteemed gemstones on the planet today), there are plenty of incredible finds to oogle throughout the city. Head to Tucson in 2020 and come back with geode's the size of your largest child, birds carved from rose quartz, and, of course, some fossilized dinosaur poop. 2020 also marks the opening of Tucson's very own gemological museum... You really can't afford to miss this incredible experience!

Here are some of my favorite pieces of #tucsonloot from 2019! Enjoy them as much as I do :)

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