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Wedding Band Mania

Custom Wedding Band commissions have started 2018 with a bang!

I love wedding rings, not only because they are the only element of the wedding to survive beyond the cutting of the cake and the hangover the next morning, but also because they embody the promises of marriage vows. Traditionally, a wedding ring is placed on the fourth finger, as this finger was believed to directly connect to the heart by way of the vena amoris, Latin for “the vein of love”. By encircling this finger with a ring, the symbol of eternity, the band symbolized a love that would last forever.

Let's take a look at some of the Forever Symbols I have made so far this year!

Ruby Secrets

The first Wedding Bands of the year appear simple on the hand, but are filled with hidden meaning. This pair of matching his/her wedding bands crafted in 18k Yellow Gold include Hand Engraved details of the couple's initials and a meaningful date, as well as secret ruby details that are burnished into the bands at 3 o'clock and 6 o'clock on both rings. These ruby details tie together the trio of symbols created for this couple by Original Eve--You can read more about their Custom Ruby Engagement Ring design HERE.

A Pair of Pears

This custom designed Wedding Band in 18k yellow gold features five Pear-Shaped diamonds of approximately 0.33ctw stationed on diamond-shaped plateaus that interrupt the knife-edge detail around the band. The east-west orientation of the diamonds create an undeniable link to the east-west orientation of the pear-shaped diamond used in their Original Eve Custom Engagement ring.

You can read more about their engagement ring design and storybook meeting HERE.

Hold On Tight

One of my favorite and most innovative engagement ring designs, which you can read about HERE, deserves a wedding band that complements it perfectly. This custom designed wedding band in 18k yellow gold features custom cut green tourmaline baguettes that follow the curves that hug the engagement ring. Dotted with round gray galaxy diamonds, similar to the triangular gray galaxies found in the engagement ring, the playful coloration in this ring and nesting form make it a perfect partner on the hand.

One Becomes Two and Two Become One

Heirloom Gold Band

With their union on the horizon, this clever and creative couple came to me with a great idea and a family heirloom: As these two become one, they requested a family heirloom be split in two to share as the wedding bands that symbolize their union. As they become husband and wife, they share the memory and an object owned by the bride's grandparents, whose own marriage lasted for an incredible 70 years. May this union last as long!

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