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Bespoke Rose Nouveau Diamond Engagement Ring with Rose-Cut Triangular Gray Diamonds in 18k Yellow Gold; Flip Ring; Old Euro


This one-of-a-kind engagement ring features a beautiful spray of diamonds across the top with a eye-shaped silhouette and a unique design trick.


The unique cut of the center diamond is cut to maximize dispersion, breaking light into its spectral hues, bringing beautiful color and life to the ring. The center diamond is an 0.68-cart Old European Diamond with a contemporary modification: the pavilion has been faceted into a beautiful rose cut.


The unique bezel design allows the wearer to reveal this romantic cut with a simple click, providing aesthetic versatility and the ability to see the gorgeous diamond from all sides.


On either side of the central diamond, Gray Galaxy Triangle Rose Cut diamonds weighing 0.57 carat total weight, add color and sparkle to the ring.


Read more about the this ring on the Blog. For information about the accompanying wedding band, Click Here.


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