Fossilized Opal Earrings | 18k Yellow Gold

Fossilized Opal Earrings | 18k Yellow Gold

SKU: E18Y21001

The Fossilized Opal Earrings are one-of-a-kind colorblock earrings in black and teal with a hand-cut marquise shape that highlights the unique coloration pattern of the stones.


These gems were formed in Indonesia. As ancient wood petrified just beneath the surface of the earth, the carbon of the wood was replaced by silica to create opal. This environment was abundant with cuprian, or copper, which is why these opals have such a gorgeous turquoise hue.


The earrings are made in 18k Yellow Gold with a matte satin finish.



  • One-of-a-kind
  • Lightweight Statement Earrings
  • Additional Information

    • Crafted in New York City
    • Please allow 2 weeks for delivery