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A Wave of Celebration

Before the Pandemic hit, Talia had planned to take a gap year between high school and starting college at Roger Williams University. As someone who would have otherwise started her freshman year at the age of 17 and who has spent so much of her childhood traveling and exploring her European roots, taking time before going to college felt like a natural moment to explore the world.

As her high school classmates have started college from the comfort of their childhood bedrooms, Talia has been on an adventure working on Nantucket (and soon in the Caribbean).

To celebrate her 18th birthday, Talia's mother asked me to create a gift using her own unused jewelry. Selecting sapphires and single cut diamonds from her mother's stash, we created ear crawler earrings that celebrate Talia's birthday and her next chapter using Roger Williams' school colors of blue and white.

The earrings are created in satin finished 18k recycled yellow gold. Using pear-shaped cabochon sapphires and graduated single cut diamonds burnished into forms that echo the pear-shaped cabochon, a curved spray is created to resemble ripples of waves.

Talia's earrings can be worn as ear crawlers that go up the side of the ear or as drop earrings, allowing the jewelry versatility and timelessness. They have a bit of an edge and a chic, unique look that is perfect for a young woman exploring the world and stepping into herself.

Talia, cheers to a happy 18th birthday! Enjoy your amazing adventure and your new earrings!

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