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Media Mention: GLAMOUR U.K.

The November 2017 Issue of Glamour U.K.'s "Just Add Glitter..." Jewelry section includes Original Eve Designs and the Terrace Hinge Bracelet! The magazine hit the stands on October 2nd in the U.K., and is an issue that is 100% made by women--All of the copy, photos, models and production designers included in this issue are female. Original Eve Designs is thrilled to be included in such a meaningful display of girl power!​​

In the editors letter, which can be read by clicking the cover above, Jo Elvin speaks of the inequality of women's pay in the workforce in the UK where women earn 18.1% less than their male counterparts while performing the same job duties. This disparity in pay is not limited to the U.K.. In the United States, women earn 21% less than their male counterparts. That is .79 cents to every man's dollar.

In the U.K., Equal Pay Day is celebrated on November 10th to symbolize that each day worked from that point until the end of the year is a day in which women work for free compared to their male peers.

In the U.K., The United States and around world, it is beyond time to level the playing field, pay women fairly and equally for equal work, and address sexism head on.

Bravo to Glamour U.K. for drawing attention to this issue with their November magazine release!

Just Add Glitter... Original Eve Designs Original Eve Jewelry Inclusion Glamour UK November 2017

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