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Media Mention: InStore Magazine

InStore Magazine, the leading Magazine for the American Jewelry Store Owner, included Original Eve Designs in the "Opening Lines" section, dedicated to emerging jewelry designers.

The Open Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver are placed prominently on Page 40, along with a thorough description of the Terracing Peru Collection.

Please read the digital version InStore's November magazine HERE.

I am thrilled to be included in the "Go Green" issue of the publication.

Did you know that Original Eve Designs uses recycled metals in all of our products? We also use Certified Post-Consumer recycled diamonds whenever possible.

Original Eve's products are inspired by beautiful natural landscapes from around the world. We only get one shot with this planet and must do everything we can to preserve the world we live in so these beautiful landscapes can inspire generations to come!


Thank you, InStore Magazine for including me in your publication! What an amazing honor to find myself in your pages!

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