This 18k yellow gold angel wing is a memorial piece for Pop Pop. The wing has a soothing texture that flows along the surface, an abstraction of the ridges found on the edge of a Reese's cup. We added additional sweetness reminiscent of Pop Pop's playful personality and sweet tooth along the outer edge of the piece where the wing has the ridges of a Reese's Cup.


The pendant spins on its bail, allowing for greater movement and the interaction.


The flow of diamonds that graduates in size along the side serves as a memorial for the recipient's grandmother. After receiving the pendant, Sammy commented that the way light flows across the textured surface reminds him of water, particularly fitting since his strongest memories with his grandmother took place by the shore.



Both Grandparent's initials are hand engraved on the top edge of the pendant, separated by a single rose bud.


Read more about Sammy's wing on the blog Here


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