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Tigers Eye Dancing Earrings in 18kyg

Tiger's Eye Dancing Earrings | 18k Yellow Gold

SKU: E18Y22044

These Tiger's Eye gems display a magical play with light as they dance in their settings.


Tiger's Eye is a golden to red-brown gemstone that displays a phenomenon called "Chatoyancy". A chatoyant gemstone is made up of mineral fibers that cause light to reflect in a glowing line, similar to the way light reflects off of a cat's eye. In fact, the root of the word "chat" is cat in French. 


The earrings are made in 18k Recycled Yellow Gold with a matte satin finish.


  • Tiger's Eye quartz
  • 18k Recycled Yellow Gold
  • 2" Length
  • Each Earring Weighs 5.4g
  • Additional Information

    • Crafted in New York City
    • Please allow 2 weeks for delivery

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