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A New Chapter From Old Pieces

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

We receive and wear jewelry to celebrate important milestones. Sometimes, the jewelry we once wore no longer makes sense for our lives. When this happens, it can be a wonderful opportunity for redesign.

For Sara, her jewelry's symbolism no longer fit her life. This does not mean that the milestones the jewelry celebrated were not met or that the experiences were not formative. Rather, Sara took life's change as an opportunity to update her jewelry to reflect her current aesthetic and situation, incorporating elements from her past into her new reality.

In early March, Sara embraced transition. She booked a trip to New York to meet with me to discuss recreating her symbols of yesterday to represent today.

Sara's late husband gave her the engagement ring pictured above. Wanting to celebrate their relationship, his life, and the family they created together, we transformed her engagement ring into a pendant she can wear as a daily reminder of their history together.

In combination with an heirloom pear-shaped diamond that had belonged to Sara's grandmother, the new pendant we created combined elements of her family's past in a setting designed with wishful hope for a beautiful future. The sideview reveals a wishbone structure that supports each prong and reflects her grandmother and late husband's undoubted wish for Sara to have a full and happy life.

The round diamond is positioned above the pear in a setting that minimizes the metal seen from the front view. The stones are positioned low in the setting to provide comfortable wear. The base form echoes the shapes of the stones.

We made this pendant at a moment of change. By freeing her hand from a symbol of her past and moving the tokens of her story closer to her heart, Sara is stepping into her new chapter with a brilliant new piece that celebrates transformation and strength just in time for her birthday and a new trip around the sun.

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