A Special Treat for a Year Unlike All Others

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

The Holiday Season is upon us and we are celebrating the gifting season. With all of the chaos 2020 has brought, I will bet there is someone very deserving you forgot to add to your list...


After the year we have had, I think everyone deserves a special treat.

Throughout 2020, we have not been traveling or eating out. Celebrations have been scaled back or postponed entirely, and we have been living on edge in a constant state of caution and fear.

With everything we have all been through this year, I fully believe that YOU deserve something special that will serve as a talisman of your resilience (and a HUGE piece of cake).

This year we are transforming our traditions, so let's add a new one: Consider treating yourself with a piece of fine jewelry that will remind you not only of how you overcame a year for the books, but will also reaffirm the most important relationship you have in your life: The relationship you have with yourself.

Check out the pieces below for a few suggestions for one-of-a-kind fine jewelry items that will be perfect for your #1 (YOU!)


From: You

To: You

(With Love)

1) Jungle Tourmaline Earrings

Many believe that tourmaline can aid in releasing tension and fear. With asymmetrically arranged blue and green cabochons of tourmaline holding light and releasing hardship, these earrings deliver a double dose of calming balm to counter an off-balanced year.

2) Ethiopian Opal Ring

Imagine glancing down from your Zoom calls and emails to see all of the colors of the rainbow dancing on your hand... This Ethiopian Opal features an iridescent play-of-color that can add life to the grayest of days.   When buying for yourself this holiday season, consider a statement ring. While earrings and necklaces are viewed by others, your hands are always in front of you, and the jewelry you wear on your fingers can remind you of your journey and strength on an hourly basis.

3) Moss Agate Earrings

Believed to boost the immune system and speed up the recovery from illness, Moss Agate earrings are an excellent antidote to a year marked by pandemic and quarantine.

Moss Agate is a stone of new beginnings.

With inclusions that resemble trees, plants, and landscapes, the gorgeous flora of Moss Agate's inclusions are an everlasting symbol of renewal and rebirth.