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New Releases: Eternal Ice Jewelry

The Holiday Season is upon us and *New Releases* are now available to celebrate the gifting season. Each jewelry item is handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, and tells a unique story.

With so many eye-catching colorful gems on the market, it can be easy to overlook colorless crystals. As the weather turns cool and we start to envision happy times in a Winter Wonderland, let's take a look at how hot these icy beauties can be, especially as a part of your jewelry collection.

Read below and check out some of our frosty designs. Perhaps you will want to gift some "Eternal Ice" this holiday season.

Eternal Ice Jewelry

When the Ancient Greeks found rock crystal, the colorless variety of the quartz gemstone, they believed it was a supercooled ice that was so cold, it could never melt. An ice that would never melt was surely a gift from the Gods!

Well, a gift from the Gods can be a gift from YOU this holiday season with some of the icy delights from Original Eve Designs, such as these Rock Crystal Drop Earrings that capture light and shimmer thanks to their beautiful checkerboard faceting pattern.

Quartz comes in a phenomenal array of varieties, but one that takes quartz' icy magic to the next level is Phantom quartz, the variety in which a crystal of quartz is visible INSIDE another crystal, like a lurking phantom of beauty.

The growth of the internal crystal was interrupted by a change in temperature, pressure, or a disappearance of the chemicals needed to compose the gem. Eventually, the conditions to develop a quartz crystal returned and the quartz continued to grow around the original crystal, capturing it inside.

Quartz can also take on a "shattered ice" effect, as is seen in the Quartz Azores Earrings. Like an ice cube dropped but remaining intact, these quartz drops show continual interruptions in the crystal growth, creating a unique frosty pattern within each gemstone droplets.

This "shattered" appearance can also be seen in the Shattered Crystal Column Earrings in which columns of rock crystal quartz have been cut from a cross section of a geode to show the unique matrix from which rock crystal naturally grows. Each gemstone displays a unique pattern of color and form, terminating in a base that looks like sugary ice crystals.  

The White Druzy Drop Earrings shimmer like glittering ice crystals due to the coating of fine quartz crystals spread across the surface of the chalcedony earrings.    The earrings are made in 18k Yellow Gold with a matte satin finish that amplifies the sparkle of the druzy. 

Even with a hint of green, quartz can give off an icy appearance if the cutting is right!

Prasiolite is the green variety of quartz. The word prasiolite means "scallion green-colored stone" and is derived from Greek "prason" meaning "leek" and "lithos" meaning "stone".

With each faceted slice of Prasiolite, this necklace is geometric and edgy in its icy cut.

No look at "Eternal Ice" would be complete without checking out a few of the ready-made diamond rings from Original Eve. These diamond rings can serve as alternative engagement rings or "right hand" rings. The rings are understated in their matte finish and a beautiful way to freeze time and celebrate life's milestones.

The rings combine a geometric edginess with the soft sparkle of a rose cut diamond--a diamond cut designed to shimmer in candlelight. These rings feature a unique flipping mechanism that allow the diamonds to turn in their settings in order to display an Old European Cut top and an entirely new play with light.


When it comes to Original Eve's jewelry designs, there is always more than meets the eye. If you have questions about any of the designs, crafting processes, gemstones, or materials used in the items you see in any of our jewelry, please feel free to reach out:

See other "icy" jewels available now:

These unique rock crystal briolettes feature a detailed fish-scale pattern that captures light beautifully within the gemstone droplettes. 

With a satin finish on the carved quartz briolette, the Frosted Carved Rock Crystal Drop Earrings feature a diamond cut pattern that give the drops the appearance of patterned sea glass.

The raw surface of the aquamarine crystal is beautifully contrasted by the smooth edge of the oval silhouette and clean, matte finish on the 18k Recycled Yellow Gold ear wire that amplify the sparkle across the surface of the gem. 

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