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A Wave of Love

She’s the kindest person he’s ever met. It’s in every aspect of her existence. Maybe she gets it from working with kids--She exudes a palpable kindness and has the ability to make anyone in the room smile, laugh, and want to be friends with her--no matter their age. There is a thing about her that is just so happy.

“I am happy in every single moment,” he told me. It was a revelation that began the design of making Chloe's engagement ring.

Jared and Chloe met in Providence in late 2018 and Jared was immediately in awe. Chloe has the challenging job of working as a teacher. He was struck by her consistent readiness for another adventure, no matter the challenge of the day's tasks. She doesn’t get weighed down by the hard things, she’s excited and excitable, constantly making and keeping mementos of their joy and time together.

With Chloe, things just snapped into place. For the first time, Jared understood what people mean when they say, "When you know, you know". In a very short time, he felt he had met his person.

When Jared and I started designing Chloe's engagement ring, they had just returned from her family home on Prince Edward Island where they had had a magical winter wonderland Christmas. There, he was able to see the ways nature infused her life and personality. Jared described a pastoral landscape from their trip: Rolling blue waves offset by red sand beaches that ran along the gentle slope of green hills by the road. He had never witnessed so much vivid color and mused that Chloe is the one who brought color to his life.

Her life has been spent near the ocean. Between meeting Jared in the Ocean State, growing up in Prince Edward Island, and spending summers at her family cottage on Cape Cod, rolling waves and rolling fields are her grounding and the motif that became the grounding point for our design.

Chloe's engagement ring is made in 18k recycled yellow gold and features three diamonds: A central Antique Cushion Cut Diamond of 0.70-carats and two salt and pepper triangle rosecut diamonds on either side, totaling 0.54-carats. The diamonds appear to be set in a clean, simple setting from the top. Only by looking at the side view do you begin to see the three rolling waves that create an undulating form that elevate the diamonds on the waves' crests and hold them in place.

To give the ring an antiqued appearance and to incorporate pastoral textures, the ring has been hand engraved with ornate wheat patterns, leaves, and curling lines like wind that wrap around the band and extend up the prongs.

Jared's priority in creating this ring was to make a remarkable gift of love. With the details included in this ring, I believe our mission was accomplished.

Chloe and Jared had talked about marriage and the next step numerous times before getting engaged. She had started taking photos of rings and was ready to become engaged, fully embracing the direction their relationship was going. They had discussed their future family, houses, how they want to live their lives together. Jared joked that they were "functionally married already" and so this ring is a celebration of where they are in their natural and obvious state of happiness. And now, with this ring on Chloe's hand, there is a symbol of their joy that we all can share.

Congratulations on your engagement, Chloe and Jared!

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