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Bride-to-be With a Bouquet of Baguettes

For the last 5 years, Pat and Rebecca have lived in Washington D.C.. This is just one stop on a journey they have been on together since the age of 20.

Pat and Rebecca are using marriage as a way to celebrate the love they are confident they have. It's largely ceremonial. Together, they have grown up, built their lives, and formed a partnership that is strong. Engagement and marriage are the next step in a very long and happy bond.

Pat assured me that he started saying the gushy stuff to Rebecca years ago. The engagement is a formality that will show the world the confidence they share in their relationship.

Through searches online and on Instagram, Pat found me and my work. He loved the idea of supporting small business and has an eye and appreciation for detail. In fact, Pat is currently renovating a house in Baltimore as a rental property and he has gone above and beyond to preserve the historical character of the house.

With the restored antique bread box in the rental kitchen and Pat's respect for tradition, beauty, and mementos from the past in the front of my mind, we set off to create Rebecca's ring.

Rebecca's ring celebrates a modern geometric aesthetic with notes of Art Deco inspiration. With a 0.26-carat baguette set in an East-West Orientation and 0.29-carats of baguettes arranged to extend down the 18k yellow gold band, this ring is a celebration of sharp lines and clean geometry.

Baguettes are small, usually rectangular, step-cut diamonds that are named after the long, thin loaf of French bread: the baguette (fitting for a man who went to great lengths to preserve a bread box, non?)

A step-cut features facets that run parallel to the edges of the stones, creating lines and rectangles of light reflection and a clear view inside the stone, rendering these cuts ideal for a diamond with high clarity.

Setting the diamonds in 18k yellow gives the ring a modern appeal. The color combination between yellow gold and white diamonds creates a high contrast to catch the eye and highlight the diamonds that now wrap Rebecca's finger and tell the world it's official!

Congratulations to Pat and Rebecca on your engagement!

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