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Emerald By Day, Ruby By Night: A Story of Change and (mile)Stones

As with so many relationships these days, their connection began on an app. But unlike the many "swipes" that result in the repetitive conversations of "Hey"'s and "What's up"'s, Heather and Ben's swipe led to a three hour phone call before meeting in person and a conversation that hasn't stopped since.

Unable to wait until the evening for their first date, Heather and Ben met for brunch the day after that initial call. Ben arrived with a cane, recovering from a broken knee. He credits Heather's arrival in his life with healing his knee and the disappearance of the cane. We can also credit Heather with the disappearance of his dating profile on the app!

Over the course of the next several months, Heather slowly moved her things into Ben's apartment. It was sneaky at first and then one day her art started appearing on his walls. The couple laughs recalling her not-so-subtle escalation of the relationship.

In fact, the couple laughs constantly. They are silly together. Witty. Happy. And an absolute joy to be near.

Heather and Ben's custom designed solitaire engagement ring features a 1-carat oval Alexandrite of Brazilian Origin.

Alexandrite is the color-change variety of the mineral Chrysoberyl. In daylight equivalent light, Alexandrite typically appears brownish green or bluish green, greenish blue. In incandescent light, Alexandrite typically appears brownish red to purplish red, reddish purple. The finest examples of this gemstone, such as the one in Heather's ring, show dramatic color change from teal-blue to rosy-purple.

Alexandrite was discovered in 1830 in czarist Russia. As the Russian imperial colors were green and red, it was named after Czar Alexander II. The gemstone is extremely scarce and the more distinct the color change, the rarer the stone.

It's uncommon for a couple to come to me knowing that they want a colored gemstone in their engagement ring and even more unusual to have a couple that wants a phenomenal, rare, and truly spectacular gemstone such as Alexandrite.

With Ben's request for Alexandrite, a gemstone that has been thought to bring luck, good fortune, and love since its discovery, I went to the best sources for the gemstone in the industry and was able to find a stunning gem for Heather's ring that shows no gemological evidence of enhancements or treatments and a prominent color change.

The mounting for Heather's Alexandrite is one of the most challenging and unique ring designs I have created to date. The mounting is an 18-karat yellow gold band featuring ornate leaf details in a matte gold. The leaves seemingly grow from the band to twirl and spin around the Alexandrite holding it in place. This organic structure shows new to old growth leaves and the rippled nuance of individual leaves. The mounting contains 0.04-carat of round brilliant cut diamonds that emerge from the tangle of foliage.

(Videos created by Chad Johnson, Commercial Art Lab)


The color of their engagement ring might shift, but one thing is consistent with Ben and Heather: They are deeply connected and bring pure joy into each other's lives.

When I work with couples, I always ask: How do you know he/she is your person?

Ben said with Heather, he always feels loved. Happy. Supported. She fills in all the gaps in everything that happens and exists in his life. Ben loves the day-to-day experience of being together and marvels in the fluidity and ease with which each day gets better and better with Heather by his side.

Heather told me there was never any question for her. She knew immediately. She writes in a journal and everyday since the day they met, she written down the reasons that she thinks he's great. She has a book of love for him and an endless number of pages to fill with more reasons to love him over the course of their lives.

When they decided to get married, Heather started making Ben practice the proposal. He would start to say the things you say when you propose and he would then shift his speech to talking about dusting under the bed or running an errand.

Heather is a behavior therapist for autistic children and she slowly and surely conditioned him for what he is recently did with the beautiful engagement ring we created together.

I may not know which color Heather's engagement ring at any given moment, but I do know this couple has found something remarkable in each other and I could not be happier to have become a part of their story by making this ring.

Heather and Ben: Thank you for asking me to make your ring and

Congratulations on your engagement!

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