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EMERGENCY Engagement Ring

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

After a month of holiday orders, shows, and numerous custom projects nearing the finish line, my Spotify playlist "Beachy Bliss" was playing on repeat as my brain drifted to countdown mode for vacation in West Palm Beach.

No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems was interrupted by an incoming call from a friend in DC:

"Eve, my friend, Anthony, has an emergency. He needs a custom engagement ring made with his girlfriend's grandmother's opal in one week!

It's an Emergency Engagement Ring!!"

After three years of dating and two dogs, Anthony asked Alana's father for permission to marry Alana. It took a bit of time to gather the courage for the conversation, which delayed Anthony's start in seeking a custom ring redesign. Nonetheless, time kept ticking towards Alana's 30th birthday on December 21st--the day he was due to propose--which was only a week away.

Vacation mode went on ice as I sprung into action making the fastest custom engagement ring to date! My 3d Printing technician, my casting house manager, my diamond dealer, and my favorite craftsman, listened as I explained the urgency of the situation and then they put other projects on ice during the Jewelry Industry's busiest week of the year to do what we all love to do most:

Create an Emergency Engagement Ring for a wonderful couple.


Using Alana's grandmother's opal from the vintage ring at the right, we looked to modernize the design with a fresh look.

The ring we created is platinum with 12 round brilliant diamonds in the outer halo that are 1.7mm, 16 round brilliant diamonds in the inner halo that are 1mm wide, one round brilliant diamond at the tip of the opal that is 1.9mm and three tapered baguette "tail feathers" at the base.

The platform of the opal is raised so Alana’s wedding band will nest flush next to the engagement ring. A "European Shank" with a squared bottom counter-balances the top motif, keeping the ring from rolling on her finger.

The result is a brand new ring with a modern design and a story of family intrinsic in its being.


With 15 minutes left until Anthony needed to depart for the dinner where he planned to propose to Alana, FedEx delivered the ring 8 hours after the designated delivery time (Thanks, FedEx, for creating panic until the very last moment!!). The panic dissipated when Alana said "Yes" to the ring with her grandmother's opal as the showcase of this unique design.

The Emergency Engagement Ring turned into a successful proposal!

Best wishes to Anthony and Alana on their happy engagement!

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