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Fluid Forms Unite

Kamila and Brian wanted to create continuity of a story between their two wedding rings without designing the bands to match or look alike.

For months, Kamila has been drawn to a ring she found online: A tangled nest of thin bands with two sparrows perched, wings spread, on either side of a diamond. There was something about this ring that captured her attention and returned to her mind over and over.

But when we discussed ring concepts, Kamila was torn between wanting something very simple, like a smooth wide band, and wanting something composed of various elements and textures, twists and turns of metal, as well as recognizable symbols, like birds. She wanted something unique--unlike anything seen before--but without having seen it, it was hard to visualize.

Just as Kamila will marry Brian in only a few days time, we married the idea of classic and ornate in Kamila's wedding band. With a 4mm wide smooth band as the base, we set a brilliant round Ceylon sapphire with mesmerizing saturation in a bezel. On either side of the vivid blue gem are two abstracted birds created with pear shaped diamonds. Their wings, created with a fluid gold texture, reach forward and intertwine around the sapphire, seemingly holding it in place. Their tail feathers echo this fluid form and splay out of the diamonds to blend into the band.

Brian's ring borrows one feather from Kamila's ring and arrays it subtly around a 4mm wide band. The fluidity of this form seems to grow out of and recede into the smooth band, creating its own wave of gentle texture.

Fluidity and motion link the rings. The curving forms creating two rings that are deeply entwined, subtle, and yet boldly individual, just like the wearers themselves.

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