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A Stack of Love

As any pragmatic new couple who met on an app would do, Amanda and Bryn decided an inter-borough relationship would not work. She lived in Queens. He lived in Brooklyn. Transportation between the two boroughs was fraught. It would take maybe an hour and half at times! The distance was insurmountable. They were basically living in separate states! Countries even! They decided they were destined to fail and terminated their relationship before it began. They liked each other a lot, but who wants to start things off with someone who lives in Queens?

A year later, a second app's algorithm decided the distance was not a factor. Overruled by technology, they met for a second time. The idea that a relationship could work felt inspiring because around that time, Bryn's roommate and best friend, Sam, was moving in with his girlfriend, Christine (To read about the results of that experiment, read THIS).

When Amanda met Sam for the first time, before Sam realized Amanda was romantically involved with Bryn, Sam asked her if she wanted to be Bryn's roommate when he moved out. It took a few years, but eventually Amanda took Sam up on the offer. Amanda and Bryn have now been together for 4.5 years, roommates for 2.5.

From Sam and Christine I have received an insider's point of view on how the relationship between Amanda and Bryn unfolded and the strength of their bond and individual characters:

Bryn is a social person who is always connecting people and inviting others into the fold with spontaneous play and high emotion. Amanda is a kind, outgoing, and welcoming person. She has the ability to make you feel comfortable as soon as you meet her. As a couple, they bring people together and balance each other out in a way that their friends say is a joy to watch.

Christine said that she doesn't know if there was a moment that it became clear that Bryn and Amanda were right for each other, but it was always obvious that he would be an idiot if he didn't end up with Amanda. Spoken like a true friend. I have to say, after getting to know Amanda and Bryn, Christine is right.

When I started the process of designing an engagement ring with Amanda and Bryn, I could immediately feel the draw of their personalities. It is a unique and spectacular trait as a couple to have the ability to make new people feel welcomed and included in your bond.

For Amanda and Bryn's ring, we used heirloom diamonds Bryn had received from his mother. One of these diamonds includes a favorite diamond feature: On the bottom portion of the diamond, the original exterior of the rough diamond skin has been left intact and it includes trigons, which are triangular surface features unique to diamonds that occur when the diamond’s growth process is interrupted deep within the Earth. While they can be a fairly common occurrence on the surfaces of rough diamonds, finding them on a polished diamond is exceptionally rare since the surface of a rough diamond is polished off to create facets during the cutting process.

Using these unique diamonds that came from Bryn's family, we aimed to create an engagement ring with clean lines and timeless beauty. With two diamonds and a love for mixed metals, we went in a fun engagement ring direction: Why have one when you can have two? Two separate rings were designed to stack, mix, interplay, and bring both yellow gold and platinum into the fold. The ultimate stack for an inclusive and playful couple.

Around the round brilliant cut diamonds, we created octagonal bezels that allow for a low setting that can accommodate additional band rings around and between the diamond solitaires. With one ring crafted in 18k recycled yellow gold and the other Platinum, the rings allow for versatility in their mixed metals and due to the special attention paid to ensure the bezels are able to nest next to each other comfortably along flat sides of the tapered octagonal basket.

In the end, these unique diamonds were incorporated into a unique double engagement ring concept for a unique and warm couple.

Amanda and Bryn: Congratulations on your engagement! I am grateful to have been asked to design your engagement rings and I am thrilled that technology defeated distance, Brooklyn beat out Queens, and you were able to find yourselves stacking on the love.


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