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Tied with Triangles

After 8 months of living together during the Pandemic in a 700-square foot apartment, Becca and Taryn still wanted to get married. In fact, instead of waiting for the wedding they were discussing when we first met to create their engagement rings a year+ ago (a rustic, cozy wedding with fires, blankets, and warm drinks), Becca and Taryn got married at the courthouse on December 16th.

Forgoing a large wedding due to the Pandemic has allowed them the opportunity to purchase and settle into their new home. But in all of the confusion of a Pandemic wedding and house hunt, Becca and Taryn didn't get wedding bands before the big day!

This twist in their love story makes perfect sense--I remember them laughing as they described how they make up the rules for their relationship, their engagement, their wedding, and future marriage. They thrive in this zone where they have the freedom to form their own traditions together and this fact was key while creating their engagement rings and, again, in creating their wedding bands.

When making their engagement rings, Taryn and Rebecca separately asked for a modern spin on a wheat pattern engraving to be carved into the other's band. Something clean, geometric, hand-crafted, and detailed--a secret flourish they both wanted for the other. The engraving serves as an aesthetic thread that ties the two engagement rings together.

In creating Becca and Taryn's wedding bands, we wanted to make sure the bands themselves did not overpower their engagement rings. They wanted something simple and clean. I wanted to repeat the continuity of a pattern that unites the rings in their wedding bands.

To achieve this, Becca's ring is composed of alternating triangles of 18k yellow gold, set apart to use negative space as a design element. The triangles echo the wheat pattern of the engagement rings and add a layer of texture, while remaining understated.

Taryn opted for a smooth yellow gold band with a squared edge and matte finish. The band is a 6mm wide cigar band. It is seemingly simple, however, one detail makes this ring the perfect pair to Becca's: The pattern of Becca's band is subtracted from the interior surface of Taryn's ring.

A perfect pairing for a perfect pair. Tied together in Triangles and Love!

While the marriage has been in existence for a few months, it wasn't official until now with these rings on their fingers!

Please join me in celebrating Becca and Taryn 🥂

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