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Taryn and Becca

When Taryn and Becca met, they knew they would be together. Taryn sat at the bar where Becca works and the connection was instantaneous and palpable. They just saw each other and knew. For weeks after Taryn left the bar, neither of them couldn't stop thinking about the other.

Taryn, who is typically not an aggressor and has a more laid back approach to things, couldn't stand it. She went against her character and back to the bar where she asked for Becca's number. Becca gave it to her on a receipt that Taryn still has over two years later.

Taryn and Becca both laughed as they described how they make up the rules for their relationship, their engagement, their wedding, and how they fantasize about their marriage. "There are no lesbian engagement rules!", Becca cracked. They thrive in this zone where they have the freedom to form their own traditions and life together. They have known each other for two years and have lived together nearly the entire time.

We started our custom engagement ring process in a conversation with all three of us, but I quickly realized the only way to move forward would be to separate this dynamic duo to get them to think critically about what the other would want and what they each want to say in presenting the ring. In the end, I think we were successful in making rings that not only spoke to them as individuals in aesthetic and in message, but also tie them together as a couple.


For Taryn's ring, Becca and I focused on designing a ring that is substantial and not overly feminine, but also beautiful and filled with meaning. Taryn's ring is a spray of 0.31-carats of Princess Cut Diamonds channel set in an 18k yellow gold band. On either side of the diamonds, two olive green tourmaline baguettes of 0.14-carat total weight are set into the band.

They say green tourmaline opens the heart, guiding us in what we embrace and what we resist in order for us to understand our own needs and emotions clearly. It attracts compassion and releases tension. It breaks down barriers and simultaneously acts as protection. Green tourmaline is a perfect stone to incorporate into a ring that is the symbol of promise as a couple, protecting the wearer as she has an open heart and vulnerability in love.

For Becca's Ring, Taryn and I used a ring Becca saw and loved as initial inspiration. This ring had a sideways tapered baguette, but I must say, the ring we created undoubtedly surpasses the original ring in beauty and uniqueness!

Becca's ring features a 0.46-carat Tapered Baguette that is lively, bright and brilliant, just like Becca herself! The tapered baguette leads to a single gray diamond on the band balancing out a cluster of gray diamonds that offset the asymmetrical layout of the tapered baguette.

Both Taryn and Rebecca asked for a modern wheat pattern engraving to be carved into the other's band. Something clean, geometric, hand-crafted, and detailed. When they both decided that was the flourish the other needed and described the modern geometry of the pattern with the same adjectives, it made me smile. The engraving serves as an aesthetic thread to tie the two rings together and is uniquely theirs.

Taryn has three sisters who have continually asked when Becca and Taryn will get married. Now, the rings are on the fingers, but there may be a bit of a wait as Becca and Taryn enjoy their engagement and plan a future wedding that is rustic, cozy, has fires, blankets, warm drinks, and lots and lots of love.

Best of luck to the beaming brides-to-be, Taryn and Becca!

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